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completely przysłówek

czasownik + completely
Kolokacji: 533
completely destroyed • completely change • completely covered • completely lost • disappear completely • completely forgotten • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
4. completely lost = całkowicie przegrać completely lost
12. completely agree = całkowicie zgódź się completely agree
13. fail completely = doznaj niepowodzenia całkowicie fail completely
17. completely filled = całkowicie napełnić się completely filled
  • As an individual he is still completely hidden after the action.
  • We were now completely hidden from the road, and it was nearly dark.
  • They walked on until the road was completely hidden, then sat down.
  • This time her surprise was too great to hide completely.
  • It was completely hidden from her house and the path.
  • The cameras were completely hidden for the first time in this series.
  • When the mouth is closed, the teeth are completely hidden.
  • When at last we reach the top the view is completely hidden by cloud.
  • Blade found a position where he was hidden completely from the outside and still had a good view of the interior.
  • With the fires well behind us now it seemed very dark and our path completely hidden.
27. stop completely = zatrzymaj się całkowicie stop completely
30. completely gone = całkowicie przebyty completely gone
31. completely redesigned = całkowicie zrobić nowy projekt completely redesigned
40. turn completely = obróć się całkowicie turn completely
41. completely lack = całkowicie brak completely lack
42. completely relax = całkowicie odpręż się completely relax
45. completely ruined = całkowicie zrujnować completely ruined
49. run completely = pobiegnij całkowicie run completely
53. completely made = całkowicie zrobić completely made
55. get completely = dostań całkowicie get completely
57. completely shut = całkowicie zamknięty completely shut
65. completely overhauled = całkowicie przeprowadzić przegląd completely overhauled
67. fade completely = przygaśnij całkowicie fade completely
76. completely baffled = całkowicie skonsternowany completely baffled
79. die completely = umrzyj całkowicie die completely
82. retire completely = przejdź na emeryturę całkowicie retire completely
85. completely banned = całkowicie zabronić completely banned
86. completely confused = całkowicie zamącić w głowie completely confused
89. completely sealed = całkowicie opieczętować completely sealed
91. rely completely = opieraj się całkowicie rely completely
96. completely gutted = całkowicie wypatroszyć completely gutted
97. completely cut off = całkowicie odetnij completely cut off
98. completely built = całkowicie zbudować completely built
100. seem completely = wydawaj się całkowicie seem completely
completely + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 403
completely different • completely independent • completely unaware • completely wrong • completely empty • completely unrelated • ...

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