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regularly przysłówek

czasownik + regularly
Kolokacji: 359
appear regularly • perform regularly • meet regularly • regularly visit • regularly feature • regularly attend • write regularly • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 71
3. meet regularly = spotkaj regularnie meet regularly
6. regularly attend = regularnie bądź obecnym regularly attend
11. reviewed regularly = przeanalizowany regularnie reviewed regularly
15. used regularly = użyty regularnie used regularly
18. run regularly = biegaj regularnie run regularly
19. held regularly = trzymany regularnie held regularly
21. regularly seen = regularnie widziany się regularly seen
22. come regularly = przyjdź regularnie come regularly
24. go regularly = jeźdź regularnie go regularly
25. regularly compete = regularnie rywalizuj regularly compete
31. regularly send = regularnie wyślij regularly send
  • And some of these schools regularly send students to top colleges.
  • He lived behind the dance hall and regularly sent money home to support his eight children, the brother said.
  • And his former wife, a lawyer in Chicago, regularly sends money.
  • Exchange students are regularly sent and received for short periods of time.
  • According to him, people regularly send letter bombs to the station.
  • Not satisfied, he demanded of his father to be sent regularly to school.
  • The country has regularly sent competitors to the Olympics, but met with little success.
  • So, in a few months, she was sent regularly to market on market days.
  • Yes, the message said, a portion of her earnings could be regularly sent to a bank on Earth.
  • As well, parcels were sent regularly to local men serving in the forces.
33. regularly shown = regularnie pokazany regularly shown
36. regularly tour = regularnie wycieczka regularly tour
38. eat regularly = regularnie się odżywiaj eat regularly
41. fly regularly = poleć regularnie fly regularly
42. regularly call = regularnie zadzwoń regularly call
45. heard regularly = słyszany regularnie heard regularly
47. regularly consult = regularnie skonsultuj się regularly consult
48. sing regularly = zaśpiewaj regularnie sing regularly
49. regularly broadcast = regularnie nadać regularly broadcast
56. regularly found = regularnie załóż regularly found
57. regularly scheduled = regularnie zaplanować regularly scheduled
59. regularly get = regularnie dostań regularly get
60. regularly draw = regularnie narysuj regularly draw
61. regularly spaced = regularnie rozstawić regularly spaced
62. regularly win = regularnie wygraj regularly win
63. regularly pay = regularnie zapłać regularly pay
64. talk regularly = rozmawiaj regularnie talk regularly
65. regularly tested = regularnie sprawdzić regularly tested
68. regularly cited = regularnie zacytować regularly cited
69. regularly refer = regularnie odnieś się regularly refer

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