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increase czasownik

increase + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 386
increase profits • increase production • increase efficiency • increase awareness • increase sales • increase taxes • increase revenue • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
28. increase one's lead = zwiększ przewagę increase one's lead
31. increase one's stake = wzrastać czyjś stawka increase one's stake
34. increase one's presence = wzrastać czyjś obecność increase one's presence
35. increase one's pace = wzrastać czyjś tempo increase one's pace
37. increase one's budget = wzrastać czyjś budżet increase one's budget
44. increase competition = konkurencja wzrostu increase competition
45. increase safety = wzrost bezpieczeństwo increase safety
50. increase one's offer = wzrastać czyjś oferta increase one's offer
51. increase one's majority = zwiększać swoją przewagę increase one's majority
56. increase payments = zapłaty wzrostu increase payments
57. increase stability = stabilność wzrostu increase stability
63. increase one's margin = wzrastać czyjś margines increase one's margin
64. increase growth = wzrost wzrostu increase growth
65. increase fees = opłaty wzrostu increase fees
66. increase the amount = zwiększ ilość increase the amount
67. effort to increase = wysiłek do wzrostu effort to increase
68. increase one's holdings = wzrastać czyjś dzierżawy increase one's holdings
70. increase one's total = wzrastać czyjś suma increase one's total
80. plan to increase = plan do wzrostu plan to increase
81. increase traffic = wzrost ruch uliczny increase traffic
87. increase the probability = podnieś prawdopodobieństwo increase the probability
92. way to increase = sposób zwiększanie way to increase
97. increase several points = podnieś kilka punktów increase several points
  • "The time has come for a major campaign to increase their use."
  • We want economic growth, because many people are still in need, but without increasing the use of natural resources and with less environmental impact.
  • We will increase the use of private sector management skills.
  • The campaign aims to increase its use in the home, education, government and business.
  • The plan, to be put into effect over five years, will significantly increase the use of managed care.
  • "It's a good way to increase the use of public transportation."
  • Many people believe that the need for a common language will inevitably increase the use of English.
  • Some attempts have also been made to increase its use elsewhere with other words.
  • Throughout the first week at the Open, players increased their use of challenges and were more successful.
  • Increasing the use of effective partnerships at the country level.
czasownik + increase
Kolokacji: 55
help increase • continue to increase • tend to increase • plan to increase • expected to increase • seek to increase • aim to increase • ...
increase + przyimek
Kolokacji: 46
increased since • increase throughout • increase by • increase over • increase during • ...
increase + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 110
greatly increase • significantly increase • increase dramatically • steadily increase • gradually increase • increase rapidly • ...

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