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"forthcoming" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

forthcoming przymiotnik

forthcoming + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 59
forthcoming album • forthcoming book • forthcoming election • forthcoming film • forthcoming London conference • ...
przysłówek + forthcoming
Kolokacji: 4
immediately forthcoming • completely forthcoming • entirely forthcoming • fully forthcoming
1. immediately forthcoming = natychmiast nadchodzący immediately forthcoming
2. completely forthcoming = całkowicie nadchodzący completely forthcoming
3. entirely forthcoming = całkowicie nadchodzący entirely forthcoming
4. fully forthcoming = w pełni nadchodzący fully forthcoming
  • And I fear that the God was . . . less than fully forthcoming when He advised me of your arrival, shall we say?
  • Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said yesterday that knowledgeable people "have not been fully forthcoming" about the case.
  • Under Senator Smith's bill, the President could grant recognition only after certifying that Hanoi has been "fully forthcoming" with information about missing servicemen.
  • "But, second, when you're a Supreme Court nominee, your obligation is to be as fully forthcoming as possible."
  • Mr. Hawke "was not fully forthcoming in his responses" on this issue, the Senator said.
  • Allies of Wood gave a starkly different account and said that she had been fully forthcoming about the details of her dealings with the immigrant.
  • Not being fully forthcoming with - never mind the Congress - with the President?
  • Hermanson's family has alleged that faulty wiring was to blame and have claimed the company has not been fully forthcoming about details of the incident.
  • Disclosure has emerged as a campaign issue in part because none of the candidates have been fully forthcoming with various records.
  • We've just finished discussing the fact that the 'cats may have been a bit less than fully forthcoming with us as to the extent of their abilities, dear!
forthcoming + przyimek
Kolokacji: 7
forthcoming from • forthcoming in • forthcoming about • forthcoming with • forthcoming on • ...

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