"contract" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

contract rzeczownik

rzeczownik + contract
Kolokacji: 157
recording contract • government contract • league contract • labor contract • employment contract • union contract • futures contract • ...
contract + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 91
contract extension • contract negotiation • contract dispute • contract talk • contract offer • contract term • contract law • ...
contract + czasownik
Kolokacji: 85
contract expires • contract requires • contract ends • contract includes • contract calls • contract runs • contract provides • ...
czasownik + contract
Kolokacji: 117
renew one's contract • terminate one's contract • extend one's contract • cancel one's contract • release from one's contract • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 53
7. leave on one's contract = nie zdejmować czyjś umowa leave on one's contract
10. sell one's contract = sprzedawać czyjś umowa sell one's contract
11. remain on one's contract = pozostawać na czyjś umowa remain on one's contract
12. hold contracts = posiadaj umowy hold contracts
13. re-signed to a contract = ponownie podpisany do umowy re-signed to a contract
14. agree a contract = porozum się w sprawie umowy agree a contract
  • They'd heard a lot about me, and wanted to buy my contract.
  • To buy such contracts, however, the fund needs to put down just 4 percent of their value.
  • For one thing, it is generally too expensive to buy contracts that last more than three to six months.
  • They buy and sell contracts that pay off if a candidate wins.
  • They bought his contract just before the 1932 season.
  • Grain was stored in Chicago, and people began buying contracts on it.
  • More investors who buy contracts will also be required to disclose their identities.
  • If he could buy her contract I think he'd bring her into his house.
  • At the height of the crisis, California began buying long-term contracts to provide a stable energy supply.
  • "It seems the General has bought the fighter's contract."
16. reach on a contract = dojdź na umowie reach on a contract
17. buy out one's contract = wykupywać udziały czyjś umowa buy out one's contract
18. join on a contract = doczep się do umowy join on a contract
25. secure a contract = uzyskać umowę, zapewnić umowę secure a contract
26. violate one's contract = łamać czyjś umowa violate one's contract
30. write contracts = napisz umowy write contracts
33. fulfil one's contract = spełniać czyjś umowa fulfil one's contract
38. seek a contract = ubiegaj się o umowę seek a contract
40. earn a contract = zarób umowę earn a contract
41. fulfill one's contract = spełniać czyjś umowa fulfill one's contract
43. make a contract = sporządzać umowę, zawierać umowę make a contract
44. enforce contracts = wprowadź w życie umowy enforce contracts
45. use contracts = umowy wykorzystania use contracts
47. contract valued = umowa wyceniła contract valued
48. defeat the contract = zwycięż umowę defeat the contract
49. review contracts = umowy przeglądu review contracts
50. include contracts = obejmuj umowy include contracts
51. contract called = umowa zadzwoniła contract called
52. reject a contract = odrzuć umowę reject a contract
53. steer contracts = pokieruj umowami steer contracts
przymiotnik + contract
Kolokacji: 178
one-year contract • three-year contract • two-year contract • five-year contract • four-year contract • long-term contract • ...
przyimek + contract
Kolokacji: 25
under contract • through contracts • by contract • of one's contract • in one's contract • ...

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