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actually przysłówek

czasownik + actually
Kolokacji: 693
actually happen • actually exist • actually increase • actually occur • actually enjoy • actually cause • actually perform • ...
actually + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 40
actually good • actually true • actually worse • actually able • actually present • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 8
1. actually good = faktycznie dobry actually good
2. actually true = faktycznie prawdziwy actually true
3. actually worse = faktycznie gorszy actually worse
4. actually able = faktycznie zdolny actually able
  • Answer: I was actually able to find some information on cinnamon.
  • He was actually able to walk right up to the front doors.
  • As such, we were actually able to read a book!
  • At first the fishing wasn't too good, which didn't really matter to us, since we weren't actually able to fish.
  • "I was actually able to be myself for the first time," she said.
  • Suppose a man like himself were actually able to do what they wanted of him.
  • Problem 2 - is she actually able to change your job title?
  • I was actually able to reach people in the area.
  • After the vote at first reading not many believed that we would be able actually to achieve a result.
  • "They were surprised I was actually able to walk into the hospital," she said.
5. actually present = faktycznie obecny actually present
6. actually dead = faktycznie zmarły actually dead
7. actually easier = faktycznie łatwiejszy actually easier
8. actually old = faktycznie stary actually old

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