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"spelling" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

spelling rzeczownik

rzeczownik + spelling
Kolokacji: 8
spelling of one's name • Aaron Spelling • spelling of one's surname • Margaret Spelling • Ms. Spelling • ...
spelling + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 21
spelling bee • spelling mistake • spelling error • spelling variation • spelling checker • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 1
(1) bee, checker, Bee
Kolokacji: 5
(2) mistake, error, book, word
Kolokacji: 4
1. spelling rule = prawidło ortograficzne spelling rule
2. spelling system = system ortograficzny spelling system
3. spelling test = sprawdzian z ortografii spelling test
4. spelling lesson = lekcja ortografii spelling lesson
5. spelling pattern = wzór ortograficzny spelling pattern
  • There are, it is true, many exceptions to the basic spelling patterns, and often they can confuse everyone thoroughly.
  • It is the process of placing words on paper so that spelling patterns are reinforced.
  • Imported words usually follow the spelling patterns of their language of origin.
  • N.B. all block representation tasks deal only with non-words; this is to prevent the child from using pre-learned spelling patterns to respond to the tasks.
  • These overlapping spelling patterns mean that in many cases the same sound can be spelled differently and the same spelling can represent different sounds.
  • However, the spelling patterns usually follow certain conventions.
  • The following table shows for each sound, the various spelling patterns used to denote it.
  • For example, the traditional respelling of "read", past tense, is "red", which exemplifies a common spelling pattern.
  • International English refers to much more than an agreed spelling pattern.
  • Vocabulary in these books remains largely phonic, but ventures into words using familiar spelling patterns, so still easier to sound out than normal text.
(5) reform, correction
Kolokacji: 2
spelling + czasownik
Kolokacji: 7
spelling includes • spelling varies • spelling changes • spelling differs • Ms. Spelling says • ...
czasownik + spelling
Kolokacji: 4
change the spelling • spelling is used • spelling is given • teach spelling
przymiotnik + spelling
Kolokacji: 40
alternative spelling • alternate spelling • correct spelling • old spelling • original spelling • different spelling • ...
przyimek + spelling
Kolokacji: 5
of spelling • with spelling • in spelling • for spelling • to the spelling

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