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rub czasownik

rub + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 58
rub shoulders • rub elbows • rub one's hands • rub one's eyes • rub one's chin • rub one's nose • rub one's face • rub one's head • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 26
2. rub elbows = łokcie maści rub elbows
4. rub one's eyes = pocierać czyjś oczy rub one's eyes
5. rub one's chin = pocierać czyjś broda rub one's chin
7. rub one's face = pocierać czyjś twarz rub one's face
8. rub one's head = pocierać czyjś głowa rub one's head
9. rub one's forehead = pocierać czyjś czoło rub one's forehead
10. rub one's arms = pocierać czyjś ramiona rub one's arms
12. rub one's temples = pocierać czyjś świątynie rub one's temples
13. rub one's cheek = pocierać czyjś policzek rub one's cheek
14. rub one's palms = pocierać czyjś dłonie rub one's palms
15. rub one's jaw = pocierać czyjś szczęka rub one's jaw
16. rub one's neck = pocierać czyjś szyja rub one's neck
17. rub one's wrists = pocierać czyjś nadgarstki rub one's wrists
18. rub one's thumb = pocierać czyjś kciuk rub one's thumb
20. rub one's legs = pocierać czyjś nogi rub one's legs
  • The girl moved to the place and sat down, rubbing her legs.
  • He rubbed his legs against trees and on the ground, trying to get them off.
  • But the way she rubbed her leg up between my legs was pretty nice too.
  • I made them rub my legs and beg a little first.
  • I sat down on the bench and rubbed my leg.
  • It usually feels better if you get up to walk around or rub your leg.
  • He was rubbing his leg again, but seemed unaware of it.
  • She rubs the tops of my legs like I'm cold and she's trying to warm me up.
  • He suddenly looked interested when I arrived, and rubbed his leg in a rather strange way.
  • The former was still rubbing his legs, with Small grimaces of pain.
21. rub salt = maść sól rub salt
22. rub alcohol = maść alkohol rub alcohol
23. rub one's feet = pocierać czyjś stopy rub one's feet
24. rub the way = wytrzyj drogę rub the way
25. rub one's ears = pocierać czyjś uszy rub one's ears
26. rub oil = maść olej rub oil
czasownik + rub
Kolokacji: 10
begin rubbing • keep rubbing • begin to rub • start rubbing • stop rubbing • ...
rub + przyimek
Kolokacji: 31
rub off • rub against • rub up • rub out • rub down • ...
rub + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 35
rub together • gently rub • rub raw • absently rub • rub away • ...

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