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remedy rzeczownik

rzeczownik + remedy
Kolokacji: 14
home remedy • folk remedy • headache remedy • hangover remedy • heartburn remedy • ...
remedy + czasownik
Kolokacji: 12
remedy includes • remedy works • remedy involves • remedy lies • remedy contains • ...
czasownik + remedy
Kolokacji: 23
seek remedies • use remedies • offer remedies • suggest remedies • pursue remedies • ...
przymiotnik + remedy
Kolokacji: 80
herbal remedy • legal remedy • natural remedy • only remedy • alternative remedy • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 11
2. legal remedy = środek odwoławczy legal remedy
  • "It wouldn't be appropriate for me to discuss the case until after the legal remedies have run its course," he said.
  • If laws were broken, then legal remedies may be required.
  • But now, they must cooperate to come up with a single proposal for a legal remedy.
  • The right to extraordinary legal remedies is regulated by law.
  • There is no legal or constitutional remedy for the situation.
  • In any other case, it has to decide about the legal remedy after a main trial.
  • However, if the state failed to do so, citizens had no legal remedy.
  • But there is a lack of effective legal remedies and enforcement.
  • I believe a good legal remedy is to take away rights to stand for election.
  • But he was concerned enough to spend months seeking possible legal remedies.
3. natural remedy = naturalne lekarstwo natural remedy
4. only remedy = jedyny środek zaskarżenia only remedy
6. cold remedy = lekarstwo na przeziębienie cold remedy
7. effective remedy = skuteczne lekarstwo effective remedy
9. best remedy = najlepszy środek zaskarżenia best remedy
10. appropriate remedy = odpowiednie lekarstwo appropriate remedy
11. available remedy = dostępne lekarstwo available remedy
przyimek + remedy
Kolokacji: 9
of remedies • for remedies • with remedies • to remedies • on remedies • ...

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