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join czasownik

join + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 388
join forces • join hands • join NATO • join Rangers • join members • join units • join the Public Network • join Birmingham City • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
3. join NATO = dołącz do NATO join NATO
4. join Rangers = dołącz do Strażników Leśnych join Rangers
5. join members = zapisz się do członków join members
8. join several people = dołącz do kilku ludzi join several people
13. join one's father = dołączać czyjś ojciec join one's father
14. join one's family = dołączać czyjś rodzina join one's family
17. join one's cause = dołączać czyjś powód join one's cause
19. join one's husband = dołączać czyjś mąż join one's husband
20. join units = zapisz się do jednostek join units
21. join the Yahoo = zapisz się do Yahoo join the Yahoo
22. join Bristol Rovers = dołącz do Niespokojnych Duch bristolskich join Bristol Rovers
23. join the United Nations = dołącz do Organizacji Narodów Zjednoczonych join the United Nations
25. join one's wife = dołączać czyjś żona join one's wife
26. join Port Vale = złącz Dolinę portową join Port Vale
28. join the Royal Ballet = połącz się z Królewskim Baletem join the Royal Ballet
29. join one's mother = dołączać czyjś matka join one's mother
30. join the fray = włączyć się w konflikt join the fray
31. invitation to join = zaproszenie dołączyć invitation to join
32. join the Royal Reserve = dołącz do Królewskiego Zapasu join the Royal Reserve
33. join leaders = dołącz do przywódców join leaders
35. join the cast = dołącz do obsady join the cast
36. join a gang = przyłącz się do bandy join a gang
37. join the Marines = dołącz do piechoty morskiej join the Marines
38. join the chorus = dołącz do chóru join the chorus
47. decision to join = decyzja dołączyć decision to join
48. opportunity to join = okazja by dołączyć opportunity to join
50. join the crowd = przyłącz się do tłumu join the crowd
57. join the alliance = dołącz do przymierza join the alliance
58. join the battle = dołącz do bitwy join the battle
60. join the discussion = dołącz do dyskusji join the discussion
61. join the Yankees = dołącz do jankesów join the Yankees
62. join one's colleagues = dołączać czyjś koledzy join one's colleagues
63. join one's son = dołączać czyjś syn join one's son
  • He joined the company in 1957 and has held the top position since 1987.
  • He had joined the company as a Director in 2004.
  • He joined the company in 1869 at the age of 20.
  • Not all the companies in the area joined the new company.
  • When I joined the company they moved her out to make a place for me.
  • They can join a company, or set up their own.
  • Before joining the company, he had 16 years in the food industry.
  • He took her arm and they went to join the company.
  • Then there are the young people who join the company each summer.
  • He joined the company in 1916 while a senior at high school.
69. join the rest = dołącz do reszty join the rest
71. join the Church = połącz się z Kościołem join the Church
73. join the list = dopisz się do listy join the list
75. join the crew = zapisz się do załogi join the crew
77. join the resistance = dołącz do oporu join the resistance
78. join the others = dołącz do innych join the others
79. join the tour = dołącz do wycieczki join the tour
80. join the project = dołącz do projektu join the project
81. join the BBC = dołącz do BBC join the BBC
82. join the series = dołącz do serii join the series
88. join the Council = zapisz się do Rady join the Council
89. join the cabinet = połącz się z szafką join the cabinet
90. join the Society = dołącz do Społeczeństwa join the Society
92. join the line = dołącz do linii join the line
93. join the bank = zapisz się do banku join the bank
94. join the court = zapisz się do sądu join the court
96. join the University = zapisz się do Uniwersytetu join the University
98. join the show = dołącz do widowiska join the show
99. join the war = dołącz do wojny join the war
czasownik + join
Kolokacji: 108
consider joining • invited to join • refuse to join • plan to join • decide to join • agree to join • decline to join • like to join • want to join • ...
join + przyimek
Kolokacji: 61
join by • join up • join with • join in • join at • ...
join + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 53
join together • eventually join • officially join • later join • quickly join • finally join • immediately join • formally join • ...

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