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"car" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

car rzeczownik

rzeczownik + car
Kolokacji: 186
police car • sports car • passenger car • patrol car • subway car • race car • cable car • motor car • rail car • railroad car • squad car • ...
car + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 203
car accident • car crash • car bomb • car door • car maker • car dealership • car window • car key • car dealer • car manufacturer • ...
car + czasownik
Kolokacji: 260
car drives • car pulls • car crashes • car rolls • car passes • car travels • car stops • car arrives • car runs • car comes • car starts • ...
czasownik + car
Kolokacji: 213
car parked • race cars • car manufactured • sell cars • wash cars • produce cars • make cars • include cars • get out of the car • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
  • I will park my car on a street close to your home.
  • I park the car on the side of the road.
  • But what if you park the car and never see it again?
  • We'll park the car off the road until after they've gone by.
  • "All I wanted to do was use your drive to park the car."
  • "He had to park the car and did not want to be late."
  • They could park the car in front of that house.
  • "May I park my car in front of your house?"
  • I think he'd been to places in the city where it's rather difficult to park the car.
  • Summer dropped me at my door and went to park the car.
3. race cars = samochody wyścigu race cars
4. wash cars = samochody umycia wash cars
5. car manufactured = samochód wyprodukował car manufactured
10. sit in one's car = być obecnym czyjś samochód sit in one's car
11. walk to one's car = podchodzić czyjś samochód walk to one's car
12. find in one's car = znajdować czyjś samochód find in one's car
13. drive in one's car = jazda w czyjś samochód drive in one's car
14. pick up one's car = poprawiać się czyjś samochód pick up one's car
16. sleep in one's car = późno wstawać czyjś samochód sleep in one's car
17. offer cars = samochody oferty offer cars
18. borrow one's car = pożyczać czyjś samochód borrow one's car
19. fix one's car = ustalać czyjś samochód fix one's car
20. search one's car = poszukiwania czyjś samochód search one's car
22. step out of the car = krok z samochodu step out of the car
23. take in one's car = oszukiwać czyjś samochód take in one's car
24. go in one's car = wchodzić czyjś samochód go in one's car
25. car loaded = samochód załadował car loaded
26. carry cars = nieś samochody carry cars
27. rent a car = wynajmować samochód rent a car
28. climb out of the car = wespnij się z samochodu climb out of the car
29. feature cars = samochody cechy feature cars
30. drive a car = prowadzić samochód, jeździć samochodem drive a car
31. travel by car = podróż samochodem travel by car
32. jump out of the car = wyskakuj z samochodu jump out of the car
34. own a car = posiadaj samochód own a car
37. car is damaged = samochód jest uszkodzony car is damaged
38. car is destroyed = samochód jest zniszczony car is destroyed
39. consist of several cars = składaj się z kilku samochodów consist of several cars
45. lose one's car = przegrywać czyjś samochód lose one's car
46. car is found = samochód zostanie znaleziony car is found
47. start the car = odpalić silnik (uruchomić samochód) start the car
48. car is hit = samochód jest ciosem car is hit
49. hire a car = wynajmować samochód hire a car
50. hear a car = usłysz samochód hear a car
51. fill the car = napełniać się samochód fill the car
52. send a car = wyślij samochód send a car
53. come in one's car = wchodzić czyjś samochód come in one's car
56. need a car = potrzebuj samochodu need a car
57. car is allowed = samochód jest dozwolony car is allowed
59. put the car = połóż samochód put the car
62. turn the car = przekręć samochód turn the car
63. reach the car = sięgnij po samochód reach the car
64. car is registered = samochód zostanie zarejestrowany car is registered
65. import cars = samochody importowe import cars
70. develop a car = rozwiń samochód develop a car
71. involve cars = obejmij samochody involve cars
73. want a car = chciej samochód want a car
74. car is struck = samochód jest rozebrany car is struck
75. spot one's car = miejsce czyjś samochód spot one's car
76. love cars = samochody miłosne love cars
77. car packed = samochód zmieścił się car packed
79. hold several cars = wstrzymaj odjazd kilku samochodów hold several cars
80. take to one's car = zabierać czyjś samochód take to one's car
81. burn cars = odpal samochody burn cars
82. like cars = jak samochody like cars
83. lead to the car = zaprowadź do samochodu lead to the car
84. car is called = po samochód dzwonią car is called
85. pass a car = wyprzedź samochód pass a car
86. car is known = samochód jest znany car is known
87. live in one's car = żyć czyjś samochód live in one's car
88. provide cars = dostarcz samochody provide cars
89. tour cars = samochody wycieczki tour cars
91. push the car = naciśnij samochód push the car
92. slow the car = wolny samochód slow the car
93. car is powered = samochód jest napędzany car is powered
94. cover cars = samochody okładkie cover cars
95. head for one's car = głowa dla czyjś samochód head for one's car
96. throw at one's car = rzut przy czyjś samochód throw at one's car
97. follow in one's car = następować w czyjś samochód follow in one's car
98. walk toward one's car = podchodzić czyjś samochód walk toward one's car
99. break into one's car = włamywać się czyjś samochód break into one's car
100. use in cars = wykorzystanie w samochodach use in cars
przymiotnik + car
Kolokacji: 317
electric car • expensive car • classic car • fast car • armored car • unmarked car • Japanese car • compact car • armoured car • ...
przyimek + car
Kolokacji: 40
per car • by car • between cars • including cars • about cars • ...

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