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praca dorywcza

  1. part-time job
  2. gig *
  3. odd job
    • "fucha", praca dorywcza
      job which is not regular and is usually unskilled and low-paying
  4. temping , temping job  
    I'm a full-time teacher and handicraft is just a temping job for me. (Jestem pełnoetatową nauczycielką i rękodzieło jest dla mnie jedynie pracą dorywczą.)
  5. casual job , casual employment  
    a type of employment that sometimes offers a higher wage or salary in exchange for giving up certain benefits, such as health insurance, and loss of job security. Sometimes casual workers only work when their employer asks them to and they are only paid for the number of hours they actually work, which can vary from week to week.
  6. lump work  
  7. contingent work , casual work
  8. casual labour British English , casual labor American English
  9. short time duty

"praca dorywcza" — Słownik kolokacji angielskich

odd job kolokacja
  1. odd przymiotnik + job rzeczownik = "fucha", praca dorywcza
    Bardzo silna kolokacja

    She was always ready to do odd jobs for anyone in need.

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part-time job kolokacja
  1. part-time przymiotnik + job rzeczownik = praca dorywcza, praca na pół etatu, praca w niepełnym wymiarze godzin
    Bardzo silna kolokacja

    They may also be able to help you find a part-time job.

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casual labor kolokacja
  1. casual przymiotnik + labor rzeczownik = praca sezonowa, praca dorywcza
    Luźna kolokacja

    I'll keep the casual labor, and make sure I don't use the same person more than once in a quarter.

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