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presidential przymiotnik

presidential + rzeczownik
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presidential election • presidential candidate • presidential campaign • Presidential nomination • presidential race • ...
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5. presidential race = wyścig o fotel prezydenta, ubieganie się o fotel prezydenta presidential race
23. presidential aide = prezydencki bliski współpracownik presidential aide
28. presidential r = prezydencki r presidential r
32. presidential hopeful = prezydencka osoba rokująca nadzieje presidential hopeful
35. presidential system = system prezydencki presidential system
37. presidential office = biuro prezydenta, biuro prezydenckie presidential office
  • "Can you imagine that an American presidential guard will be involved in terror?"
  • It has some relation with the number of troops in presidential guard.
  • A former army chief and a member of the presidential guard were arrested hours after the two attacks on his house.
  • Formed in 1969, it was originally created to be a Presidential guard.
  • I just spoke with the commander of the presidential guard by phone.
  • A diplomatic source said four members of the presidential guard and three attackers were killed.
  • We have the presidential guard outnumbered more than two to one.
  • Soldiers of the presidential guard had fired into the house and searched it for weapons on Saturday.
  • If there are presidential guards out there, this man doesn't want them to know he's here.
  • Soon after the rioting began last week, troops from the presidential guard surrounded the hotel.
50. presidential poll = prezydenckie głosowanie presidential poll

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