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log rzeczownik

rzeczownik + log
Kolokacji: 36
Web log • Yule log • phone log • oak log • user log • ...
log + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 41
log cabin • log house • log book • log fire • log building • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 9
1. log cabin = chata z drewnianych bali, domek z bali log cabin
2. log house = konstrukcja wieńcowa, ściana wieńcowa, konstrukcja węgłowa log house
3. log book = karta drogowa pojazdu, książka pojazdu log book
4. log fire = płonące polana log fire
5. log building = budynek polana log building
6. log structure = struktura polana log structure
7. log entry = wpis dziennika log entry
8. log file = plik dziennik log file
  • On each activation of a particular process, the log file is extended.
  • Your computer is full of log files that provide evidence of what you've been doing.
  • Here are a few places where log files can be found:
  • Maybe this log file will be used in a future iPhoto.
  • In this case, the failures are reported to a log file.
  • The program ask you whether or not it should create a log file.
  • As stated earlier log files are a way to check events that have been happening on a computer or network.
  • For a hacker having the ability to change what the log file says can help him not to be noticed.
  • There is code and directions on how to change some log files in the book.
  • The Console application now provides access to nearly every log file in the system.
9. log wall = ściana wieńcowa log wall
log + czasownik
Kolokacji: 15
log shows • log burns • log indicates • log crackles • log floating • ...
czasownik + log
Kolokacji: 26
keep a log • use logs • cut logs • transport logs • carry logs • ...
przymiotnik + log
Kolokacji: 46
hollow log • large log • small log • big log • old log • ...
przyimek + log
Kolokacji: 12
of logs • with logs • from logs • in one's log • over logs • ...

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