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"immediately" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

immediately przysłówek

czasownik + immediately
Kolokacji: 658
immediately begin • immediately follow • immediately start • immediately recognize • serve immediately • respond immediately • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
6. serve immediately = podawać natychmiast po przyrządzeniu serve immediately
24. immediately turn = natychmiast obróć się immediately turn
25. immediately stop = natychmiast zatrzymaj się immediately stop
29. immediately set = natychmiast umieść immediately set
33. immediately put = natychmiast połóż immediately put
34. die immediately = umrzyj natychmiast die immediately
35. immediately run = natychmiast pobiegnij immediately run
42. come immediately = przyjdź natychmiast come immediately
45. go immediately = pójdź natychmiast go immediately
50. work immediately = pracuj natychmiast work immediately
53. immediately get = natychmiast dostań immediately get
56. reply immediately = odpowiedz natychmiast reply immediately
59. appear immediately = pojaw się natychmiast appear immediately
60. say immediately = powiedz natychmiast say immediately
64. immediately agree = natychmiast zgódź się immediately agree
70. immediately decide = natychmiast zadecyduj immediately decide
71. proceed immediately = kontynuuj natychmiast proceed immediately
74. immediately lead = natychmiast zaprowadź immediately lead
77. immediately jump = natychmiast skocz immediately jump
79. immediately end = natychmiast koniec immediately end
81. immediately regret = natychmiast żal immediately regret
  • I cried for the first time and immediately regretted it.
  • I moved to the middle of the third row and immediately regretted it.
  • I asked, immediately regretting the sharp note in my voice.
  • The policeman immediately regretted his choice of the last two words.
  • He immediately regretted having let his last few words slip out.
  • She later kisses him at a night club, but immediately regrets the decision.
  • I wish you could see, she said, and then immediately regretted her words.
  • He could see that she immediately regretted the thought and pushed it away.
  • With photo in hand, she walked out of the room and immediately regretted making that last comment.
  • I said, hot in all my leather, then immediately regretted it.
82. immediately look = natychmiast popatrz immediately look
85. immediately cease = natychmiast zaprzestanie immediately cease
86. lie immediately = skłam natychmiast lie immediately
87. rise immediately = wzrośnij natychmiast rise immediately
88. occur immediately = nastąp natychmiast occur immediately
93. immediately seek = natychmiast szukaj immediately seek
94. immediately try = natychmiast spróbuj immediately try
98. react immediately = zareaguj natychmiast react immediately
immediately + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 39
immediately apparent • effective immediately • immediately obvious • immediately available • immediately clear • ...

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