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"force" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

force czasownik

force + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 177
force people • force women • force one's way • force one's hand • force several turnovers • force one's head • force one's mind • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 46
  • The fire has forced at least 5,500 people from their homes.
  • Because of this, he forced people to change things very fast, even if they did not want to.
  • But so is forcing people to work against their will.
  • It is wrong to force older people to stop working if they want to carry on and still have the ability to do that.
  • On Saturday, high water forced 3,500 people here from their homes.
  • And that has forced people to save money they would rather spend.
  • But we can't force people into treatment, even if they're in jail.
  • A drought in the 1950s forced many people out of work.
  • But as in the American past, they use violence and threats to force people to labor for no pay.
  • You see, I do not force people to my way of thinking.
2. force women = kobiety siły force women
3. force one's way = przepychać się siłą force one's way
6. force one's head = siła czyjś głowa force one's head
7. force one's mind = siła czyjś umysł force one's mind
8. force one's eyes = siła czyjś oczy force one's eyes
9. force one's retirement = siła czyjś emerytura force one's retirement
10. force one's body = siła czyjś ciało force one's body
11. force a fumble = zmuś wypuszczenie piłki force a fumble
13. force air = siła powietrze force air
14. attempt to force = próba do siły attempt to force
15. force banks = banki siły force banks
16. force thousands = tysiące siły force thousands
17. force a smile = zmusić się do uśmiechu force a smile
19. effort to force = wysiłek do siły effort to force
22. force one's withdrawal = siła czyjś wycofanie force one's withdrawal
24. force the issue = wymusić decyzję, przeforsować kwestię force the issue
26. force schools = szkoły siły force schools
33. force the city = zmuś miasto force the city
34. force residents = mieszkańcy siły force residents
36. force officials = urzędnicy siły force officials
37. force the man = zmuś człowieka force the man
39. force one's legs = siła czyjś nogi force one's legs
40. force others = siła inni force others
41. force one's voice = siła czyjś głos force one's voice
42. force leaders = przywódcy siły force leaders
43. force students = studenci siły force students
44. force cuts = cięcia siły force cuts
46. force water = siła woda force water
czasownik + force
Kolokacji: 15
attempt to force • try to force • seek to force • go to force • want to force • use to force • ...
force + przyimek
Kolokacji: 49
force into • forced upon • force out • force down • force up • ...
force + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 50
eventually force • finally force • later forced • force open • effectively force • ...

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