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automatically przysłówek

czasownik + automatically
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automatically qualify • automatically generate • automatically make • automatically go • automatically adjust • posted automatically • ...
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4. automatically go = automatycznie pójdź automatically go
5. posted automatically = wysłany automatycznie posted automatically
7. automatically receive = automatycznie otrzymaj automatically receive
9. turn automatically = obróć się automatycznie turn automatically
10. say automatically = powiedz automatycznie say automatically
  • If no one answered the phone, the police would be sent automatically.
  • He received the most votes and was automatically sent through to the final.
  • She automatically sent the car through the intersection, then pulled over and turned.
  • Most times these are sent automatically from an infected machine.
  • Therefore, the proposal is not automatically sent back to the responsible committee.
  • The requests are sent automatically to the top person on the list, who has a couple of minutes to reply.
  • Or is a copy of the appraisal sent to me automatically?
  • Those who did not present a certificate of employment were automatically sent to Germany.
  • Typically, the guides are sent automatically to your player while you sleep.
  • This should have led to a new chequebook being sent automatically.
17. automatically mean = automatycznie oznaczaj automatically mean
19. come automatically = przyjdź automatycznie come automatically
21. automatically switch = automatycznie się przełączaj automatically switch
24. automatically get = automatycznie dostań automatically get
25. automatically start = automatycznie zacznij automatically start
27. automatically follow = automatycznie nastąp automatically follow
34. respond automatically = odpowiedz automatycznie respond automatically
36. automatically put = automatycznie połóż automatically put
37. automatically stop = automatycznie zatrzymaj się automatically stop

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