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version rzeczownik

rzeczownik + version
Kolokacji: 326
film version • Windows version • movie version • stage version • demo version • PC version • UK version • beta version • DVD version • ...
version + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 6
Version Control • version number • Version box • version feature • version control system • ...
version + czasownik
Kolokacji: 159
version features • version contains • version appears • version includes • version exists • version adds • version uses • version calls • ...
czasownik + version
Kolokacji: 239
edit version • version called • version titled • upgrade to a version • appear in the version • version is heard • release in several versions • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 76
3. version titled = wersja zatytułowała version titled
11. tell one's version = mówić czyjś wersja tell one's version
16. version entitled = wersja zatytułowała version entitled
17. appear on the version = pojaw się na wersji appear on the version
21. differ from the version = różnij się od wersji differ from the version
25. host the version = bądź gospodarzem wersji host the version
26. view a version = rozpatrz wersję view a version
30. version is posted = wersja jest wysłana version is posted
34. version is shown = wersja jest ukazana version is shown
45. version is marketed = wersja jest sprzedawana version is marketed
59. refer to the version = odnieś się do wersji refer to the version
66. version is found = wersja zostanie znaleziona version is found
68. version is filmed = wersja jest sfilmowana version is filmed
70. make in versions = zrób w wersjach make in versions
71. version is named = wersja jest nazwana version is named
72. version is staged = wersja jest wystawiona version is staged
73. form a version = ukształtuj wersję form a version
74. send a version = wyślij wersję send a version
  • But all except Snapfish will send a black-and-white version of a color shot.
  • They plan to send the President a final version with one controversial amendment that he flatly rejects.
  • In 1966, she sent a complete version of the novel to her publisher, but was advised to revise it.
  • They sent an early version of the compressor to them for testing in June 1948, which demonstrated performance far below the predicted value.
  • A group in Hawaii sent a local version.
  • The bureau also sent a longer version by Federal Express.
  • The Soviet government sent a revised version of the pact to Germany on November 25.
  • Carter Goodrich first sent us a version of this week's cover more than a dozen years ago.
  • Howard sent a rewritten version to Kline on 31 January 1936.
  • Malcolm then sends a super strong version of the program to Scott during school, and has him tell him everything, about his family.
75. add to the version = zwiększ wersję add to the version
przymiotnik + version
Kolokacji: 711
new version • original version • early version • different version • late version • final version • live version • current version • ...
przyimek + version
Kolokacji: 27
such as the version • including a version • unlike the version • after the version • into a version • ...

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