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"touch" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

touch czasownik

touch + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 91
touch base • touch one's arm • touch one's hand • touch one's shoulder • touch one's face • touch one's cheek • touch one's lips • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 49
1. touch base = skontaktować się z kimś touch base
  • I just wanted to touch base and see how things were going.
  • I know that we get to see each other at least once every day, to touch base.
  • I just wanted to touch base and check on your mother.
  • It's a good idea to touch base with your doctor to find out if you need to be seen.
  • As in "I'd like to touch base before close of play"
  • "I just wanted to touch base and make sure everything is okay."
  • "We work with someone in the school, so kids can touch base later on," she said.
  • Hey, Mike, can you touch base with the financial guys for me?
  • "I touched base with her, getting a statement in just a few minutes."
  • I'll have to touch bases with you on that one tomorrow.
2. touch one's arm = dotknięcie czyjś ramię touch one's arm
5. touch one's face = dotknięcie czyjś twarz touch one's face
6. touch one's cheek = dotknięcie czyjś policzek touch one's cheek
11. touch one's hair = dotknięcie czyjś włosy touch one's hair
13. touch one's skin = dotknięcie czyjś skóra touch one's skin
14. touch one's head = dotknięcie czyjś głowa touch one's head
15. touch one's body = dotknięcie czyjś ciało touch one's body
17. touch one's mind = dotknięcie czyjś umysł touch one's mind
18. touch one's eyes = dotknięcie czyjś oczy touch one's eyes
20. touch one's chest = dotknięcie czyjś klatka piersiowa touch one's chest
21. touch one's mouth = dotknięcie czyjś usta touch one's mouth
22. touch a nerve = trafić w czuły punkt, dotknąć do żywego, uderzyć w czułe miejsce touch a nerve
25. touch one's flesh = dotknięcie czyjś ciało touch one's flesh
26. touch one's feet = dotknięcie czyjś stopy touch one's feet
28. touch the ball = dotknij piłki touch the ball
29. touch the floor = przylegaj do podłogi touch the floor
30. touch one's neck = dotknięcie czyjś szyja touch one's neck
31. touch the wall = przylegaj do ściany touch the wall
35. touch the controls = weź się kontrole touch the controls
36. touch one's fingertips = dotknięcie czyjś koniuszki palca touch one's fingertips
37. touch one's ear = dotknięcie czyjś ucho touch one's ear
38. touch one's leg = dotknięcie czyjś noga touch one's leg
39. touch one's sleeve = dotknięcie czyjś rękaw touch one's sleeve
40. touch one's elbow = dotknięcie czyjś łokieć touch one's elbow
42. touch one's knee = dotknięcie czyjś kolano touch one's knee
43. hand to touch = ręka na dotknięcie hand to touch
44. touch one's chin = dotknięcie czyjś broda touch one's chin
45. touch one's wrist = dotknięcie czyjś nadgarstek touch one's wrist
46. touch one's food = dotknięcie czyjś jedzenie touch one's food
47. touch one's throat = dotknięcie czyjś gardło touch one's throat
48. touch one's soul = dotknięcie czyjś dusza touch one's soul
49. touch the edge = dotknij brzegu touch the edge
czasownik + touch
Kolokacji: 19
allowed to touch • want to touch • try to touch • avoid touching • seem to touch • ...
touch + przyimek
Kolokacji: 48
touch down • touch upon • touch off • touch up • touched by • ...
touch + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 52
barely touch • lightly touch • gently touch • actually touch • hardly touch • ...

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