"subject" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

subject rzeczownik

rzeczownik + subject
Kolokacji: 55
test subject • core subject • interview subject • science subject • subject of speculation • subject of controversy • subject of debate • ...
subject + czasownik
Kolokacji: 66
subject ranging • subject includes • subject comes • subject comes up • subject teaches • ...
czasownik + subject
Kolokacji: 77
teach subjects • study subjects • choose subjects • cover subjects • tackle subjects • take subjects • include subjects • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 24
  • In the afternoon, they study English subjects required by the state.
  • The university has more than 14,000 students studying different subjects.
  • In the third year students begin to study specialized subjects.
  • Research has been done to show that students who study similar subjects at the same time often experience interference.
  • They can play team sports, study new subjects, learn to cook and, if need be, get help with homework.
  • She took four years' break from her studies and concentrated upon studying various subjects.
  • American students spend about 1,460 hours studying subjects like math, science and history during their four years in high school, the report says.
  • A professor is someone who also studies subjects and helps to discover new ideas.
  • He took charge of the prison library and used it to study various subjects to further his plans.
  • Organizing events to study and discuss subjects related to Europe.
5. tackle subjects = staw czoło tematom tackle subjects
7. include subjects = obejmuj tematy include subjects
8. explore subjects = zgłęb tematy explore subjects
9. paint subjects = tematy farby paint subjects
10. change the subject = zmienić temat (rozmowy) change the subject
11. deal with subjects = umowa z tematami deal with subjects
12. focus on subjects = nacisk na tematy focus on subjects
15. drop the subject = zarzucić omawiany temat, zejść z tematu drop the subject
19. offer subjects = tematy oferty offer subjects
21. warm to one's subject = ciepły aby czyjś temat warm to one's subject
22. find the subjects = znajdź tematy find the subjects
23. use subjects = tematy wykorzystania use subjects
przymiotnik + subject
Kolokacji: 257
human subject • favorite subject • academic subject • particular subject • controversial subject • main subject • British subject • ...
przyimek + subject
Kolokacji: 26
between subjects • among subjects • of subjects • by subject • for subjects • ...

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