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shortly przysłówek

czasownik + shortly
Kolokacji: 183
die shortly • begin shortly • follow shortly • arrive shortly • return shortly • occur shortly • released shortly • leave shortly • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 43
1. die shortly = umrzyj wkrótce die shortly
2. begin shortly = zacznij wkrótce begin shortly
  • Its use began shortly after 1900 and continued past 1950.
  • Network television programs began shortly after the end of the war.
  • Production of oil and gas is expected to begin shortly after the year 2000.
  • The book begins shortly after the end of the second.
  • The work began shortly after the school year ended on June 28, he said.
  • Plans are being drawn up, and work will begin shortly.
  • The project began shortly after and was worked on behind the scenes taking around two years to complete.
  • A man comes on the voice-over saying "Due to circumstances beyond our control, the second half will begin shortly."
  • Talks on a new contract will begin shortly, city and union officials said.
  • Some of the changes come under a $5.1 million renovation plan, to begin shortly.
4. arrive shortly = przybądź wkrótce arrive shortly
6. released shortly = zwolniony wkrótce released shortly
10. come shortly = przyjdź wkrótce come shortly
11. say shortly = powiedz wkrótce say shortly
12. move shortly = rusz się wkrótce move shortly
13. go shortly = pójdź wkrótce go shortly
14. appear shortly = pojaw się wkrótce appear shortly
16. made shortly = zrobiony wkrótce made shortly
17. crash shortly = wypadek wkrótce crash shortly
18. start shortly = zacznij wkrótce start shortly
19. end shortly = koniec wkrótce end shortly
21. retire shortly = przejdź na emeryturę wkrótce retire shortly
22. resign shortly = zrezygnuj wkrótce resign shortly
23. taken shortly = wzięty wkrótce taken shortly
24. laugh shortly = śmiej się wkrótce laugh shortly
25. killed shortly = zabity wkrótce killed shortly
26. join shortly = dołącz wkrótce join shortly
28. arrested shortly = aresztowany wkrótce arrested shortly
29. meet shortly = spotkaj wkrótce meet shortly
32. built shortly = zbudowany wkrótce built shortly
33. open shortly = otwórz wkrótce open shortly
35. introduced shortly = przedstawiony wkrótce introduced shortly
36. speak shortly = mów wkrótce speak shortly
37. happen shortly = zdarz się wkrótce happen shortly
38. found shortly = załóż wkrótce found shortly
40. reply shortly = odpowiedz wkrótce reply shortly
41. formed shortly = założony wkrótce formed shortly
42. answer shortly = odpowiedz wkrótce answer shortly
43. born shortly = urodzony wkrótce born shortly

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