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middle przymiotnik

middle + rzeczownik
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middle class • middle school • middle age • middle name • middle ground • middle finger • middle distance • middle linebacker • ...
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1. middle class = klasa średnia middle class
2. middle school = gimnazjum (odpowiednik polskiego gimnazjum) middle school
3. middle age = wiek średni middle age
4. middle name = drugie imię middle name
5. middle ground = stanowisko kompromisowe middle ground
6. middle finger = środkowy palec middle finger
7. middle distance = drugi plan, dalszy plan middle distance
8. middle linebacker = linebacker środka middle linebacker
9. middle manager = kierownik średniego szczebla middle manager
10. middle section = część środka middle section
11. middle part = część pośrednia middle part
12. middle child = "środkowe" dziecko middle child
13. middle period = środek okres middle period
14. middle year = rok środka middle year
15. middle man = człowiek środka middle man
16. middle level = poziom środka middle level
17. middle course = kurs pośredni, kurs umiarkowany middle course
18. middle ear = ucho środkowe (część ucha) middle ear
  • However, fluid in the middle ear does not always mean that an infection is present.
  • We are unable to hear it because of filtering by the middle ear.
  • The problem is particularly troublesome because infections of the middle ear are the most common reason for taking a child to the doctor.
  • This may allow the drops to pass through the tubes into the middle ear.
  • Antibiotics: May help clear the fluid from the middle ear.
  • Even so, the noise caused a sharp pain deep within her middle ears.
  • It is not a hearing test, but rather a measure of energy transmission through the middle ear.
  • The other bones which once made up the jaw moved to the middle ear to create a hearing system.
  • Sometimes fluid or negative pressure gets stuck in the middle ear.
  • Pressure changes in the middle ear as the child swallows, causing more pain.
19. middle distance runner = średniodystansowy biegacz middle distance runner
20. middle range = zakres środka middle range
21. middle management = menadżerowie średniego szczebla, średnia kadra kierownicza middle management
23. middle class family = rodzina właściwa dla klasy średniej middle class family
24. middle son = syn środka middle son
25. middle America = środek Ameryka middle America
26. middle way = droga środka middle way
27. middle portion = część środka middle portion
28. middle position = pozycja środka middle position
29. middle height = wysokość środka middle height
30. middle stage = środek etap middle stage
31. middle layer = warstwa środkowa middle layer
32. middle order = porządek środka middle order
33. middle income = dochód środka middle income
34. middle seat = środkowe miejsce middle seat
35. middle path = droga środka middle path
36. middle reach = zasięg środka middle reach
37. middle life = środek życie middle life
38. middle relief = środek ulga middle relief

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