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"force" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

force rzeczownik

rzeczownik + force
Kolokacji: 263
Air Force • task force • police force • work force • security force • U.S. force • labor force • ground force • enemy force • ...
force + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 93
forces unit • force field • Air Force Combat Unit • Air Force base • Air Force Academy • Air Force Reserve • Air Force pilot • ...
force + czasownik
Kolokacji: 414
force captures • force attacks • force occupies • force operates • force consists • force withdraws • force drives • force invades • ...
czasownik + force
Kolokacji: 287
join forces • use force • force exerted • force stationed • force required • force led • force generated • fight forces • involve forces • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 99
  • There is no force exerted by one part on the other.
  • I am not sure if the second rider would exert a force on the first person.
  • Any other matter coming in contact with the field will feel a force exerted by it.
  • She had to study the situation as if it were an engineering problem, like trying to exert force in some difficult medium.
  • Well, the larger planets in our system exert an even bigger force.
  • Once they get big enough, their gravitational fields will exert a major force.
  • He had to exert considerable force to keep the rod from being pulled out of his hand.
  • The support and Earth exert force on each other.
  • That they exert great force upon the physical world is beyond doubt.
  • Let us call the force exerted by the chain on the point to which its end is attached.
4. force stationed = siła postawiła force stationed
11. train forces = siły kolejowe train forces
16. assign to Ninth Force = beneficjent do Ninth Force assign to Ninth Force
17. award to Commonwealth forces = nagroda do Wspólnoty Narodów siły award to Commonwealth forces
18. cut one's work force = ciąć czyjś siła robocza cut one's work force
23. strike with force = strajk z siłą strike with force
24. put one's forces = kłaść czyjś siły put one's forces
25. move one's forces = ruszać się czyjś siły move one's forces
26. give force = daj siłę give force
27. combine forces = połączyć siły, zjednoczyć się combine forces
28. force known = siła znany force known
31. include forces = obejmuj siły include forces
32. build up one's forces = gromadzić się czyjś siły build up one's forces
33. make a force = marki siła make a force
34. face a force = wychodź na siłę face a force
39. retire from the Air Force = opuść lotnictwo wojskowe retire from the Air Force
40. transfer to the Royal Force = transfer do Królewskiej Siły transfer to the Royal Force
42. enter into force = wejść w życie (np. o ustawie, postanowieniu umowy) enter into force
43. force opposed = siła sprzeciwiła się force opposed
48. come into force = nabierać mocy prawnej come into force
49. set up a task force = zbiór w górę grupy roboczej set up a task force
52. remain in force = pozostawać w mocy remain in force
54. strengthen one's forces = wzmacniać czyjś siły strengthen one's forces
56. force is needed = siła jest potrzebna force is needed
57. surrender to forces = kapitulacja przed siłami surrender to forces
59. take by force = weź siłą take by force
60. prevent forces = zapobiegnij siłom prevent forces
61. establish as a force = zyskaj reputację siły establish as a force
62. work with forces = praca z siłami work with forces
67. know as the Forces = wiedz jako Siły know as the Forces
68. force based = siła oparła force based
70. force is called = siła jest ogłoszona force is called
73. authorize force = zezwól na siłę authorize force
75. lose one's force = przegrywać czyjś siła lose one's force
77. force assigned = siła przydzieliła force assigned
78. leave the force = zostaw siłę leave the force
79. hit with force = cios z siłą hit with force
80. raise a force = podnieś siłę raise a force
81. fight with forces = kłótnia z siłami fight with forces
82. accuse forces = oskarż siły accuse forces
83. unite one's forces = jednoczyć czyjś siły unite one's forces
84. force caused = siła spowodowała force caused
86. force is reinforced = siła jest zwiększona force is reinforced
88. force arrayed = siła ustawiła w szyku force arrayed
90. remove one's forces = usuwać czyjś siły remove one's forces
93. draw forces = siły losowania draw forces
95. bring into force = przynieś do siły bring into force
96. pull one's forces = ciągnąć czyjś siły pull one's forces
97. lack force = siła braku lack force
98. weaken one's forces = osłabiać czyjś siły weaken one's forces
99. protect from forces = osłoń przed siłami protect from forces
przymiotnik + force
Kolokacji: 723
armed force • military force • American force • British force • special force • German force • Iraqi force • full force • political force • ...
przyimek + force
Kolokacji: 35
by force • into force • of forces • through force • without force • ...

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