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end czasownik

end + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 222
end production • end months • end one's career • end a losing streak • end one's life • end one's relationship • end one's run • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 89
1. end production = produkcja kawałka end production
2. end months = ostatnie miesiące end months
  • Both sides still seemed prepared to pursue efforts to end months of violence.
  • The announcement ended months of speculation about a possible buyer.
  • But I can't describe how it felt to end months of not knowing.
  • The vote ended months of debate in the legislature, which first considered the bill last year.
  • The endorsement ends months of courtship by the two Democratic candidates for his support.
  • As a result, one mistake in hard-core mode can end weeks or months of effort.
  • The deal, if completed, would end months of speculation about who might acquire the 150-year-old Morgan.
  • The conclusion appears to end months of debate within the government.
  • The announcement ended months of speculation about the company's future leadership.
  • In the mid to ending months of 2009, Paragon took a break.
7. end one's run = koniec czyjś bieg end one's run
8. end one's hopes = koniec czyjś nadzieje end one's hopes
9. end one's reign = koniec czyjś panowanie end one's reign
10. end one's campaign = koniec czyjś kampania end one's campaign
11. end one's marriage = koniec czyjś małżeństwo end one's marriage
13. end one's contract = koniec czyjś umowa end one's contract
14. end one's tenure = koniec czyjś urzędowanie end one's tenure
15. end one's service = koniec czyjś usługa end one's service
16. end discrimination = ostatnia dyskryminacja end discrimination
17. end rule = ostatnia zasada end rule
18. end one's support = koniec czyjś wsparcie end one's support
19. end weeks = ostatnie tygodnie end weeks
20. end hostilities = ostatnie wrogości end hostilities
21. end one's partnership = koniec czyjś partnerstwo end one's partnership
23. end one's association = koniec czyjś związek end one's association
24. end one's involvement = koniec czyjś uczestnictwo end one's involvement
25. end speculation = ostatnie spekulacje end speculation
26. end users = użytkownicy końcowi end users
27. end one's suffering = koniec czyjś cierpienia end one's suffering
28. end one's policy = koniec czyjś polityka end one's policy
29. end one's tour = koniec czyjś wycieczka end one's tour
30. end things = ostatnie rzeczy end things
31. end talks = koniec rozmawia end talks
32. end slavery = ostatnie niewolnictwo end slavery
33. end subsidies = ostatnie dotacje end subsidies
34. end the inning = skończ rundę end the inning
35. effort to end = wysiłek do końca effort to end
36. end the fighting = skończ walki end the fighting
37. end one's time = koniec czyjś czas end one's time
42. decision to end = decyzja do końca decision to end
47. end welfare = ostatnie dobro end welfare
48. way to end = droga do końca way to end
49. end one's existence = koniec czyjś istnienie end one's existence
51. end the dispute = skończ spór end the dispute
52. end the debate = skończ debatę end the debate
53. end the crisis = skończ kryzys end the crisis
54. end one's term = koniec czyjś termin end one's term
58. end one's isolation = koniec czyjś izolacja end one's isolation
59. end segregation = ostatnia segregacja end segregation
61. end the day = skończ dzień end the day
62. end poverty = ostatnie ubóstwo end poverty
63. end the battle = skończ bitwę end the battle
65. end one's efforts = koniec czyjś wysiłki end one's efforts
66. end apartheid = ostatni apartheid end apartheid
69. end the series = skończ serię end the series
71. end the way = skończ drogę end the way
72. end one's bid = koniec czyjś oferta end one's bid
73. end one's speech = koniec czyjś przemówienie end one's speech
74. end one's work = koniec czyjś praca end one's work
75. end one's friendship = koniec czyjś przyjaźń end one's friendship
76. end control = ostatnia kontrola end control
77. end the fight = skończ walkę end the fight
79. end the show = skończ widowisko end the show
80. end one's attempt = koniec czyjś próba end one's attempt
81. end one's role = koniec czyjś rola end one's role
82. end corruption = ostatnia korupcja end corruption
83. end themes = ostatnie tematy end themes
84. end one's boycott = koniec czyjś bojkot end one's boycott
85. end attacks = ostatnie ataki end attacks
87. end one's journey = koniec czyjś podróż end one's journey
88. end one's participation = koniec czyjś udział end one's participation
89. end one's review = koniec czyjś przegląd end one's review
czasownik + end
Kolokacji: 41
help end • intend to end • scheduled to end • seek to end • go to end • decide to end • want to end • try to end • end by saying • ...
end + przyimek
Kolokacji: 58
end up • end with • end until • end without • end in • ...
end + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 97
end abruptly • effectively end • finally end • officially end • eventually end • end badly • formally end • end prematurely • end early • ...

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