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"describe" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

describe czasownik

describe + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 293
describe activities • describe species • describe things • describe people • describe one's experience • describe one's work • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
3. describe things = opisz rzeczy describe things
4. describe people = opisz ludzi describe people
11. describe one's style = opisywać czyjś styl describe one's style
15. describe one's performance = opisywać czyjś wykonanie describe one's performance
16. describe one's approach = opisywać czyjś podejście describe one's approach
18. describe one's sound = opisywać czyjś dźwięk describe one's sound
20. describe one's decision = opisywać czyjś decyzja describe one's decision
21. describe one's death = opisywać czyjś śmierć describe one's death
22. describe one's position = opisywać czyjś pozycja describe one's position
23. describe one's visit = opisywać czyjś wizyta describe one's visit
25. describe one's time = opisywać czyjś czas describe one's time
27. describe aspects = opisz aspekty describe aspects
28. describe one's appearance = opisywać czyjś wygląd describe one's appearance
31. describe one's policy = opisywać czyjś polityka describe one's policy
32. describe one's vision = opisywać czyjś wizja describe one's vision
33. word to describe = słowo opisać word to describe
34. term to describe = termin opisać term to describe
35. describe one's childhood = opisywać czyjś dzieciństwo describe one's childhood
36. describe one's family = opisywać czyjś rodzina describe one's family
39. way to describe = sposób by opisać way to describe
45. describe one's mission = opisywać czyjś misja describe one's mission
52. describe one's adventures = opisywać czyjś przygody describe one's adventures
53. describe one's struggle = opisywać czyjś walka describe one's struggle
57. describe one's strategy = opisywać czyjś strategia describe one's strategy
64. describe one's trip = opisywać czyjś podróż describe one's trip
66. describe objects = opisz przedmioty describe objects
71. describe a number = opisz liczbę describe a number
73. describe one's findings = opisywać czyjś orzeczenia describe one's findings
74. describe relations = opisz związki describe relations
75. describe the song = opisz piosenkę describe the song
81. describe one's goal = opisywać czyjś cel describe one's goal
  • I've been sitting here for a while trying to figure out how to describe the book such that you'll read it, but, I just can't.
  • She describes the book as "the best of them all".
  • The singer has described the book as being "a more complete picture of what my life is really like".
  • Interesting to describe the book as being like a ballad.
  • The publisher describes the book as the first to cover the subject in depth.
  • Schumacher describes his book as being concerned with how man lives in the world.
  • A review in Salon described the book as "a very moving memoir."
  • In particular, the Preface describes the book as "about the political organization" of a free society.
  • She described the book as a practical exercise in empowering people.
  • The narrator describes the book he is writing as a feast of many courses.
86. describe one's father = opisywać czyjś ojciec describe one's father
89. describe one's job = opisywać czyjś praca describe one's job
90. describe one's response = opisywać czyjś odpowiedź describe one's response
95. describe a person = przedstaw osobę describe a person
96. describe one's love = opisywać czyjś miłość describe one's love
97. describe culture = opisz kulturę describe culture
czasownik + describe
Kolokacji: 19
coin to describe • used to describe • try to describe • ask to describe • begin to describe • ...
describe + przyimek
Kolokacji: 45
described by • described in • describe to • described under • describe on • ...
describe + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 148
once describe • originally described • accurately describe • formally described • variously described • later describe • ...

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