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"committee" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

committee rzeczownik

rzeczownik + committee
Kolokacji: 318
executive committee • Senate committee • action committee • Judiciary Committee • Finance Committee • ethics committee • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
  • Six weeks later, a House committee asked and received the same answer.
  • The House committee is not expected to start much before that.
  • He then spoke for several hours with the House committee today.
  • The House committee may complete its work on the bill this week.
  • The House committee calls only for a study, since the last one was conducted in 1980.
  • He presented his view at a meeting of the special House committee.
  • After dozens of phone calls over several days, the House committee gave up.
  • Part of one report from a select House committee is soon to be made public.
  • A separate clean air bill is before a House committee.
  • The House committee offers several reasons for the program's early success.
12. search committee = komitet poszukiwań search committee
18. planning committee = komisja planowania przestrzennego planning committee
24. policy committee = komitet planowania (np. ustaw) policy committee
30. Ways Means Committee = Drogi chce Komitet Ways Means Committee
33. House Appropriations Committee = komisja budżetowa Kongresu Stanów Zjednoczonych House Appropriations Committee
36. UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee = Wielka Brytania Antarktyczne miejsce-imię Komitet UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee
41. Senate Judiciary Committee = komisja sądowa w Senacie Senate Judiciary Committee
44. Senate Finance Committee = Senacka Komisja ds. Finansów Senate Finance Committee
45. Senate Select Committee = Senat nadzwyczajna komisja parlamentarna Senate Select Committee
46. House Judiciary Committee = komisja sądowa w Izbie Reprezentantów House Judiciary Committee
49. Senate Ethics Committee = Senat komitet etyczny Senate Ethics Committee
53. Republican National Committee = Republikański Krajowy Komitet Republican National Committee
57. Senate Budget Committee = Senat komisja budżetowa Senate Budget Committee
61. House Budget Committee = Izba komisja budżetowa House Budget Committee
69. House Rules Committee = Regulamin izby Komitet House Rules Committee
71. Lawyers Committee = Komitet prawników Lawyers Committee
73. security committee = komitet związany z bezpieczeństwem security committee
74. faculty committee = komitet wydziału faculty committee
75. Life Committee = Dożywotni Komitet Life Committee
76. committee of experts = komisja rzeczoznawców, komisja ekspertów committee of experts
78. Energy Commerce Committee = Handel energetyczny Komitet Energy Commerce Committee
83. House Un-American Activities Committee = komisja śledcza do badania działalności antyamerykańskiej (do 1975 roku) House Un-American Activities Committee
86. Township Committee = Komitet społeczności miejskiej Township Committee
88. Senate Foreign Relations Committee = Senat stosunki międzynarodowe Komitet Senate Foreign Relations Committee
90. county committee = komitet hrabstwa county committee
91. steering committee = komisja nadzorująca steering committee
93. House Select Committee = Izba nadzwyczajna komisja parlamentarna House Select Committee
97. investigation committee = komisja dochodzeniowa, komisja śledcza investigation committee
committee + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 47
committee member • committee chairman • committee meeting • committee hearing • committee report • committee assignment • ...
committee + czasownik
Kolokacji: 194
committee approves • committee recommends • committee votes • committee investigating • committee consists • committee issues • ...
czasownik + committee
Kolokacji: 56
committee headed • committee led • name by Advisory Committee • testify before the Senate Committee • sit on one's Committee • ...
przymiotnik + committee
Kolokacji: 120
Congressional committee • advisory committee • special committee • parliamentary committee • national committee • ...
przyimek + committee
Kolokacji: 15
by Advisory Committee • at the National Committee • through committees • in committee • out of committee • ...

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