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"shoulder" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

shoulder rzeczownik

rzeczownik + shoulder
Kolokacji: 11
pork shoulder • lamb shoulder • shoulder of one's jacket • gravel shoulder • shoulder of rock • ...
shoulder + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 61
shoulder injury • shoulder blade • shoulder surgery • shoulder strap • shoulder pad • shoulder holster • shoulder bag • shoulder muscle • ...
shoulder + czasownik
Kolokacji: 97
shoulder slumps • shoulder sags • shoulder hunches • shoulder shakes • shoulder aches • ...
czasownik + shoulder
Kolokacji: 317
rub shoulders • stand shoulder • look over one's shoulder • put on one's shoulder • shrug one's shoulders • glance over one's shoulder • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
14. square one's shoulders = wyprostować ramiona (w geście determinacji) square one's shoulders
20. say over one's shoulder = mówić ponad czyjś ramię say over one's shoulder
34. injure one's shoulder = ranić czyjś ramię injure one's shoulder
36. lean over one's shoulder = pochylać się czyjś ramię lean over one's shoulder
43. shoulder hunched = ramię garbiło się shoulder hunched
45. tap one's shoulder = stukać czyjś ramię tap one's shoulder
46. lean on one's shoulder = opierać się czyjś ramię lean on one's shoulder
56. carry over one's shoulder = przesuwać czyjś ramię carry over one's shoulder
57. reach over one's shoulder = zasięg ponad czyjś ramię reach over one's shoulder
58. drape around one's shoulders = zasłona około czyjś ramiona drape around one's shoulders
61. bury in one's shoulder = chować w czyjś ramię bury in one's shoulder
63. fall to one's shoulders = zabierać się czyjś ramiona fall to one's shoulders
66. speak over one's shoulder = mówić ponad czyjś ramię speak over one's shoulder
67. stare over one's shoulder = spojrzenie ponad czyjś ramię stare over one's shoulder
71. lean against one's shoulder = opierać się czyjś ramię lean against one's shoulder
73. cast over one's shoulder = obsada ponad czyjś ramię cast over one's shoulder
77. roll one's shoulders = rolka czyjś ramiona roll one's shoulders
78. use one's shoulder = używać czyjś ramię use one's shoulder
81. raise to one's shoulder = podnosić czyjś ramię raise to one's shoulder
82. jerk over one's shoulder = szarpnięcie ponad czyjś ramię jerk over one's shoulder
83. look over one's shoulders = oglądać czyjś ramiona look over one's shoulders
88. feel in one's shoulder = czuć w czyjś ramię feel in one's shoulder
89. slip over one's shoulders = pośliznąć się i upaść czyjś ramiona slip over one's shoulders
90. see over one's shoulder = patrz na odwrocie czyjś ramię see over one's shoulder
93. hurt one's shoulder = boleć czyjś ramię hurt one's shoulder
  • This time her hand brushed his shoulder as she left.
  • She stayed so close to the wall that it brushed her shoulder.
  • The walls on either side were so close they brushed their shoulders against the wood.
  • The staircase isn't a wide one, so we brush shoulders, and I get my first good look at him.
  • Paul jerked back as the cold touch of a hand brushed his shoulder.
  • Her hand brushed his shoulder as she settled on the rock beside him.
  • It brushed his shoulder at the same moment he fired the rifle.
  • His fingers brushed her shoulder, but she slid away from him, closer to the edge.
  • A wall of thick bushes on each side brushed their shoulders as they pushed through.
  • She stopped and brushed her sister's shoulder with her hand.
97. raise one's shoulders = podnosić czyjś ramiona raise one's shoulders
100. call over one's shoulder = wołać czyjś ramię call over one's shoulder
przymiotnik + shoulder
Kolokacji: 114
left shoulder • right shoulder • broad shoulder • bare shoulder • wide shoulder • cold shoulder • sore shoulder • narrow shoulder • ...
przyimek + shoulder
Kolokacji: 36
with shoulders • on one's shoulder • over one's shoulder • to one's shoulder • of one's shoulders • ...

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