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reflect czasownik

reflect + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 230
reflect changes • reflect concerns • reflect light • reflect differences • reflect pool • reflect beliefs • reflect sunlight • reflect sales • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 85
4. reflect differences = odzwierciedlaj różnice reflect differences
5. reflect pool = odzwierciedlij basen kąpielowy reflect pool
7. reflect sunlight = odzwierciedlij światło słoneczne reflect sunlight
8. reflect sales = odzwierciedlij sprzedaże reflect sales
9. reflect life = odzwierciedlij życie reflect life
11. reflect one's reaction = odzwierciedlać czyjś reakcja reflect one's reaction
12. reflect one's desire = odzwierciedlać czyjś ochota reflect one's desire
14. reflect one's status = odzwierciedlać czyjś status reflect one's status
15. reflect one's role = odzwierciedlać czyjś rola reflect one's role
16. reflect one's position = odzwierciedlać czyjś pozycja reflect one's position
17. reflect time = odzwierciedlij czas reflect time
18. reflect perspectives = odzwierciedlij perspektywy reflect perspectives
19. reflect one's feelings = odzwierciedlać czyjś uczucia reflect one's feelings
20. reflect fears = odzwierciedlij strachy reflect fears
21. reflect one's commitment = odzwierciedlać czyjś zobowiązanie reflect one's commitment
22. reflect problems = odzwierciedlij problemy reflect problems
23. reflect conditions = odzwierciedlij warunki reflect conditions
24. reflect traditions = odzwierciedlaj tradycje reflect traditions
25. reflect one's personality = odzwierciedlać czyjś osobowość reflect one's personality
26. reflect demand = odzwierciedlij żądanie reflect demand
27. reflect the correction = odzwierciedlij korektę reflect the correction
29. reflect tensions = odzwierciedlij napięcia reflect tensions
30. reflect one's heritage = odzwierciedlać czyjś spadek reflect one's heritage
32. reflect developments = odzwierciedlij rozwój reflect developments
33. reflect divisions = odzwierciedlij podziały reflect divisions
34. reflect aspects = odzwierciedlij aspekty reflect aspects
36. reflect a shift = odzwierciedlij zmianę reflect a shift
37. reflect one's origins = odzwierciedlać czyjś pochodzenia reflect one's origins
43. reflect the fact = odzwierciedlaj fakt reflect the fact
45. reflect a trend = odzwierciedlij tendencję reflect a trend
49. reflect the cost = odzwierciedlaj koszt reflect the cost
58. reflect the number = odzwierciedlij liczbę reflect the number
59. reflect patterns = odzwierciedlij wzory reflect patterns
62. reflect preferences = odzwierciedlij preferencje reflect preferences
63. reflect society = odzwierciedlij społeczeństwo reflect society
65. reflect anxiety = odzwierciedlij niepokój reflect anxiety
66. reflect credit = odzwierciedlij kredyt reflect credit
67. reflect practice = odzwierciedlij praktykę reflect practice
68. reflect one's ability = odzwierciedlać czyjś umiejętność reflect one's ability
69. reflect one's philosophy = odzwierciedlać czyjś filozofia reflect one's philosophy
71. reflect sales figures = odzwierciedlij wielkość sprzedaży reflect sales figures
72. time to reflect = czas odzwierciedlić time to reflect
73. reflect one's policy = odzwierciedlać czyjś polityka reflect one's policy
74. reflect one's background = odzwierciedlać czyjś tło reflect one's background
75. reflect one's vision = odzwierciedlać czyjś wizja reflect one's vision
76. reflect events = odzwierciedlij wydarzenia reflect events
77. reflect expectations = odzwierciedlij oczekiwania reflect expectations
78. reflect a decline = odzwierciedlij upadek reflect a decline
79. reflect heat = odbij gorąco reflect heat
80. reflect activity = odzwierciedlij działalność reflect activity
82. reflect anger = odzwierciedlij gniew reflect anger
83. reflect one's focus = odzwierciedlać czyjś nacisk reflect one's focus
  • In 2007 the name was changed to Honeytech to reflect its new focus to security awareness and education.
  • In 2005 the company also changed its name to Strand7 to better reflect its primary focus.
  • The art also reflects the sect's strong focus on personal discipline and tolerance.
  • The title is meant to reflect his primary focus - to improve the performance of black and Hispanic students.
  • The new name reflects our focus on nutrition and putting healthy food within reach for low income households.
  • The college changed to its current name, to reflect its focus on high technology, in 1998.
  • In one sense, the strategy reflects the union's historical focus on immigrant workers and their communities, he said.
  • The remark appeared to reflect the administration's current intense focus on the political future of Afghanistan.
  • The 1950s saw an interest in changing the name of the school to better reflect its focus on higher learning.
  • This change was made to reflect the company's focus and commitment to creating a family environment.
84. reflect one's emphasis = odzwierciedlać czyjś nacisk reflect one's emphasis
85. reflect communities = odzwierciedlij społeczności reflect communities
czasownik + reflect
Kolokacji: 15
appear to reflect • seem to reflect • revised to reflect • changed to reflect • restated to reflect • ...
reflect + przyimek
Kolokacji: 43
reflect on • reflect upon • reflect off • reflected in • reflect by • ...
reflect + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 85
accurately reflect • simply reflect • clearly reflect • necessarily reflect • reflect well • partly reflect • merely reflect • reflect badly • ...

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