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quick przymiotnik

quick + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 471
quick glance • quick look • quick succession • quick fix • quick step • quick search • quick action • quick smile • quick decision • ...
czasownik + quick
Kolokacji: 7
come quick • go quick • move quick • happen quick • learn quick • ...
przysłówek + quick
Kolokacji: 20
pretty quick • relatively quick • fairly quick • extremely quick • remarkably quick • ...
quick + przyimek
Kolokacji: 9
quick about • quick with • quick on • quick for • quick to • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 7
1. quick about = szybki około quick about
2. quick with = szybki z quick with
  • Blade knew he would have to be quick with this man.
  • I happen to have a mind that's quick with numbers.
  • If only you were as quick with your answers in class.
  • She was quick with the expected response: "And you certainly don't look like it."
  • The old woman here is much too quick with her good ideas.
  • This short examination followed, for the court was quick with its work.
  • He'd found the better life and was quick with his advice to other farm boys around the county.
  • What happened to the days of bank employees being quick with figures?
  • When the end came it was quick, with no warning.
  • One of you is very quick with a knife, isn't he?
3. quick on = szybki na quick on
4. quick for = szybki dla quick for
5. quick to = szybki aby quick to
6. quick in = szybki w quick in
7. quick of = szybki z quick of

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