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generally przysłówek

czasownik + generally
Kolokacji: 523
generally considered • generally speak • generally regarded • generally accepted • generally refer • generally agree • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
3. generally regarded = ogólnie wziąć pod uwagę generally regarded
6. generally agree = ogólnie zgódź się generally agree
21. generally occur = ogólnie nastąp generally occur
23. generally opposed = ogólnie sprzeciwić się generally opposed
24. generally limited = powszechnie ograniczony generally limited
28. generally held = ogólnie trzymać generally held
29. flow generally = przepływ ogólnie flow generally
30. generally used = powszechnie używany generally used
39. generally run = ogólnie pobiec generally run
48. generally come = ogólnie przyjdź generally come
52. generally seen = ogólnie zobaczony generally seen
53. generally get = ogólnie dostań generally get
54. generally go = ogólnie pójdź generally go
55. generally pay = ogólnie zapłać generally pay
56. generally educated = ogólnie wykształcić generally educated
64. generally say = ogólnie powiedz generally say
  • At the elementary school level, social studies generally focuses first on the local community and family.
  • Studies of medical errors generally focus on those in hospitals.
  • The show generally focuses on politics, media, elections and environmental issues.
  • It generally focuses on classic hit and late 20th Century music.
  • The key difference is that each group generally focuses on a different aspect of technology.
  • It generally focuses its attention on countries affected by political violence.
  • The methods of those involved with the project have generally focused on teaching Irish in school.
  • Construction and related companies will generally focus on either residential or commercial work, rarely both.
  • Their writing, she says, exists much more in the present than that of her undergraduates, who generally focus on the future.
  • These generally focused on the social issues in the favelas.
70. generally sold = ogólnie sprzedać generally sold
75. generally try = ogólnie spróbuj generally try
79. generally based = ogólnie oprzeć generally based
80. generally lack = ogólnie brak generally lack
81. generally appear = ogólnie pojaw się generally appear
82. generally cost = ogólnie koszt generally cost
83. generally move = ogólnie rusz się generally move
84. generally range = ogólnie zakres generally range
85. generally begin = ogólnie zacznij generally begin
86. generally live = powszechnie na żywo generally live
92. generally start = ogólnie zacznij generally start
97. generally lead = ogólnie zaprowadź generally lead
generally + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 194
generally positive • generally favorable • generally low • generally available • generally negative • generally poor • generally higher • ...

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