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expand czasownik

expand + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 160
expand opportunities • expand one's business • expand one's operations • expand one's services • expand one's range • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 54
10. expand one's capacity = rozwijać czyjś pojemność expand one's capacity
12. expand one's coverage = rozwijać czyjś sprawozdanie expand one's coverage
18. expand one's activities = rozwijać czyjś działalności expand one's activities
20. expand access = rozwiń dostęp expand access
23. expand one's empire = rozwijać czyjś imperium expand one's empire
26. plan to expand = plan rozwinięcia plan to expand
27. effort to expand = wysiłek by rozwinąć effort to expand
28. expand one's efforts = rozwijać czyjś wysiłki expand one's efforts
29. expand one's relationship = rozwijać czyjś stosunki expand one's relationship
30. expand trade = rozwiń handel expand trade
31. expand one's work = rozwijać czyjś praca expand one's work
32. expand the number = rozwiń liczbę expand the number
  • The department has not decided whether to expand its use to the general force.
  • The need to expand the use of technology to provide essential services to clients.
  • The Administration has greatly expanded the use of these agreements.
  • The air monitoring will continue, but there is no plan to expand the use of the devices, officials said.
  • Some proposals, however, would possibly expand use of these techniques.
  • Another possibility is to expand the use of one of the traditional terms.
  • Wall Street firms are expanding the use of compensation programs to keep their best brokers.
  • Carnival may expand the use of the device to other ships.
  • The department also wants to expand the use of cameras in subways and other places.
  • Some companies see composites as an important growth sector and are planning to expand their use.
36. expand one's audience = rozwijać czyjś publiczność expand one's audience
37. expand sales = rozwiń sprzedaże expand sales
38. expand one's ability = rozwijać czyjś umiejętność expand one's ability
39. expand one's collection = rozwijać czyjś kolekcjonowanie expand one's collection
42. expand one's interests = rozwijać czyjś interesy expand one's interests
43. expand one's holdings = rozwijać czyjś dzierżawy expand one's holdings
44. expand one's borders = rozwijać czyjś granice expand one's borders
45. expand one's fleet = rozwijać czyjś flota expand one's fleet
46. expand one's authority = rozwijać czyjś władza expand one's authority
47. expand the definition = rozwiń definicję expand the definition
48. expand one's focus = rozwijać czyjś nacisk expand one's focus
49. expand one's control = rozwijać czyjś kontrola expand one's control
50. expand one's repertoire = rozwijać czyjś repertuar expand one's repertoire
52. expand one's mission = rozwijać czyjś misja expand one's mission
czasownik + expand
Kolokacji: 50
begin expanding • help expand • continue expand • plan to expand • seek to expand • continue to expand • hope to expand • ...
expand + przyimek
Kolokacji: 44
expand into • expand beyond • expand upon • expand throughout • expanded since • ...
expand + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 82
expand rapidly • greatly expand • further expand • significantly expand • gradually expand • eventually expand • quickly expand • ...

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