"criticism" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

criticism rzeczownik

rzeczownik + criticism
Kolokacji: 33
art criticism • criticism of one's policies • film criticism • music criticism • media criticism • ...
criticism + czasownik
Kolokacji: 53
criticism comes • criticism includes • criticism focuses • criticism leads • criticism makes • ...
czasownik + criticism
Kolokacji: 93
draw criticism • receive criticism • face criticism • attract criticism • dismiss criticism • take criticism • offer criticism • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 38
6. take criticism = przyjąć krytykę, wziąć do siebie krytykę take criticism
9. prompt criticism = krytyka podpowiedzi prompt criticism
10. celebrate one's Criticism = świętować czyjś Krytyka celebrate one's Criticism
11. provoke criticism = sprowokować, wywołać krytykę provoke criticism
13. bring criticism = wnieś krytykę bring criticism
14. avoid criticism = uniknij krytyki avoid criticism
  • He addresses criticism by trying to include everyone in government.
  • She addressed such criticism another way in a conversation between visits to the two schools.
  • He addressed criticisms of the original documents in both sources.
  • The act was amended in 2000 to address criticisms and problems with the original legislation.
  • The second part was reworked to address criticism of the journal version.
  • The Council has addressed criticisms, he said, by increasing the opportunities for public participation.
  • The changes are aimed at addressing criticism that arose last year over the charity's management and the quality of its medical care.
  • The Governor seemed to be using it to address several criticisms that have been raised about him as a possible Presidential candidate.
  • Changes have been made to address certain criticisms.
  • To address criticism, trees, a refreshment pavilion, and concerts were brought to the park.
17. express criticism = krytyka ekspresu express criticism
18. come under criticism = narazić się na krytykę come under criticism
19. hear criticism = usłysz krytyka hear criticism
23. accept criticism = zaakceptować krytykę accept criticism
24. lead to criticism = poprowadź do krytyki lead to criticism
25. meet with criticism = spotkaj się z krytyką meet with criticism
28. generate criticism = wytwórz krytykę generate criticism
29. publish criticism = wydaj krytykę publish criticism
32. give criticism = daj krytykę give criticism
34. criticism aimed = krytyka dążyła criticism aimed
37. spark criticism = krytyka iskry spark criticism
38. know for one's criticism = wiedzieć dla czyjś krytyka know for one's criticism
przymiotnik + criticism
Kolokacji: 168
literary criticism • harsh criticism • public criticism • sharp criticism • strong criticism • heavy criticism • widespread criticism • ...
przyimek + criticism
Kolokacji: 27
despite criticism • under criticism • of criticism • to criticism • for criticism • ...

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