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cost czasownik

cost + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 70
cost money • cost millions • cost thousands • cost billions • cost one's life • cost one's job • cost kit deal • cost hundreds • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 23
1. cost money = kosztować pieniądze, kosztować dużo pieniędzy cost money
  • But even so, the kind of information we're looking for is going to cost money.
  • Like your health care plan which has cost the average American more money not less.
  • You can take him to court but it'll cost money.
  • These things cost money and I am happy to pay it.
  • I had thought all this was going to cost me money!
  • The idea was that people could have standing places which would not cost much money.
  • I guess they feel it will cost too much money for security, but just get me another place where you are going to try them.
  • Not bad for somebody who thought it was going to cost us money.
  • The bad news: the whole process was starting to cost serious money.
  • It comes from those who say this is going to cost money.
2. cost millions = miliony kosztu cost millions
3. cost thousands = tysiące kosztu cost thousands
4. cost billions = miliardy kosztu cost billions
7. cost kit deal = komplet kosztu umowa cost kit deal
8. cost hundreds = sto kosztu cost hundreds
10. cost an amount = kosztuj ilość cost an amount
11. cost taxpayers = podatnicy kosztu cost taxpayers
12. cost a fortune = kosztować fortunę, kosztować majątek cost a fortune
14. cost several cents = kosztuj kilka centów cost several cents
16. cost several times = kosztuj kilkakrotnie cost several times
17. cost several pounds = kosztuj kilka funtów cost several pounds
18. cost a lot = kosztuj dużo cost a lot
19. cost a person = kosztuj osobę cost a person
20. cost a total = kosztuj sumę cost a total
21. cost votes = głosy kosztu cost votes
22. cost several euros = kosztuj kilka euro cost several euros
23. cost an effort = kosztuj wysiłek cost an effort
czasownik + cost
Kolokacji: 5
end up costing • estimated to cost • expected to cost • go to cost • projected to cost
cost + przyimek
Kolokacji: 24
cost about • cost for • cost over • cost from • cost around • ...
cost + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 21
cost effective • actually cost • generally cost • eventually cost • alone cost • ...

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