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concern rzeczownik

rzeczownik + concern
Kolokacji: 59
security concern • safety concern • health concern • privacy concern • community concern • business concern • ...
concern + czasownik
Kolokacji: 83
concern grows • concern leads • concern prompts • concern includes • concern arises • concern seems • concern makes • ...
czasownik + concern
Kolokacji: 116
express concern • raise concerns • address concerns • voice concern • cause concern • cite concerns • reflect concerns • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 42
5. cause concern = być źródłem niepokoju, powodować niepokój cause concern
  • The stock price reflected concerns about the company's growth rate.
  • The first was that the raw data they were looking at did not reflect the public's deep concern about the future.
  • But her father's decision as to which school she should go reflects his own concerns rather than hers.
  • In many ways these reflect concerns that we are also addressing.
  • "We want the organization to reflect people's media habits and concerns."
  • Perhaps this successful example of a real market reflecting environmental concern will not be lost on policy makers.
  • In each case, understanding and reflecting their concerns can help you develop a more effective business strategy.
  • Many of those strategies are not new and some reflect genuine concerns.
  • When she looked up at him, a spark in his blue eyes seemed to reflect genuine concern.
  • The challenge is to create an international role that reflects the goals and concerns of the two parties.
14. appreciate one's concern = doceniać czyjś niepokój appreciate one's concern
15. take one's concerns = brać czyjś niepokoje take one's concerns
16. prompt concern = niepokój podpowiedzi prompt concern
17. feel concern = poczuj niepokój feel concern
18. hear one's concerns = słyszeć czyjś niepokoje hear one's concerns
19. listen to one's concerns = odsłuchać czyjś niepokoje listen to one's concerns
21. give concern = daj troskę give concern
22. meet one's concerns = spotykać czyjś niepokoje meet one's concerns
23. bring one's concerns = przynosić czyjś niepokoje bring one's concerns
27. resolve concerns = niepokoje determinacji resolve concerns
28. contact with concerns = styczność z niepokojami contact with concerns
30. thank for one's concern = dziękować czyjś niepokój thank for one's concern
31. include concerns = obejmuj niepokoje include concerns
33. note concerns = niepokoje notatki note concerns
34. put one's concerns = kłaść czyjś niepokoje put one's concerns
35. concern is ignored = niepokój jest zignorowany concern is ignored
36. highlight concerns = niepokoje najważniejszego wydarzenia highlight concerns
37. report concerns = niepokoje raportu report concerns
38. acknowledge one's concerns = przyznawać się czyjś niepokoje acknowledge one's concerns
39. concern based = niepokój oparł concern based
40. indicate concern = świadcz o zainteresowaniu indicate concern
41. evaluate as Least Concern = oceń jako Least Concern evaluate as Least Concern
42. represent concerns = przedstaw niepokoje represent concerns
przymiotnik + concern
Kolokacji: 283
major concern • main concern • great concern • environmental concern • serious concern • primary concern • public concern • ...
przyimek + concern
Kolokacji: 30
amid concerns • despite concerns • without concern • of concern • for concern • ...

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