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clinical przymiotnik

clinical + rzeczownik
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clinical trial • clinical professor • clinical study • clinical psychologist • clinical research • clinical psychology • clinical practice • ...
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10. clinical use = kliniczne wykorzystanie clinical use
13. clinical sign = objaw kliniczny clinical sign
14. clinical setting = kliniczne miejsce clinical setting
  • "We think that is a terrible idea for old people to start taking growth hormone outside of a clinical setting," he says.
  • However, this is not normally available in most clinical settings.
  • It has since been expanded across clinical settings for a variety of problems.
  • In a clinical setting, three species make up 80 to 95% of all isolates identified.
  • In a clinical setting, it is often associated with transplant.
  • "I don't see these kids except in a clinical setting."
  • As of 2007, it has not been used in a clinical setting.
  • When you actually try to prove it in a clinical setting, it's very difficult to do.
  • Teaching skills, as appropriate to the particular clinical setting and those I am expected to teach.
  • Academics make an average of 40 to 50 percent less than those working in clinical settings.
18. clinical worker = kliniczny robotnik clinical worker
22. clinical work = kliniczna praca clinical work
27. clinical care = kliniczna opieka clinical care
29. clinical program = kliniczny program clinical program
43. clinical course = przebieg kliniczny clinical course
44. clinical significance = kliniczne znaczenie clinical significance
46. clinical benefit = chłodna korzyść clinical benefit
48. clinical testing = kliniczne testowanie clinical testing
49. clinical condition = kliniczny stan clinical condition
51. clinical development = kliniczny rozwój clinical development
52. clinical skill = kliniczna umiejętność clinical skill

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