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"abruptly" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

abruptly przysłówek

czasownik + abruptly
Kolokacji: 142
end abruptly • stop abruptly • turn abruptly • abruptly change • abruptly leave • rise abruptly • abruptly resign • cease abruptly • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 35
2. stop abruptly = zatrzymaj się nagle stop abruptly
3. turn abruptly = obróć się nagle turn abruptly
6. rise abruptly = wzrośnij nagle rise abruptly
9. halt abruptly = zatrzymaj się nagle halt abruptly
10. say abruptly = powiedz nagle say abruptly
12. ask abruptly = zapytaj nagle ask abruptly
14. come abruptly = przyjdź nagle come abruptly
15. cut off abruptly = odetnij nagle cut off abruptly
20. fall abruptly = spadnij nagle fall abruptly
21. stand abruptly = stań nagle stand abruptly
22. break off abruptly = przerwij nagle break off abruptly
24. abruptly go = nagle pójdź abruptly go
25. realize abruptly = zrealizuj nagle realize abruptly
26. abruptly quit = nagle zrezygnuj abruptly quit
29. abruptly cut = nagle potnij abruptly cut
30. begin abruptly = zacznij nagle begin abruptly
31. die abruptly = umrzyj nagle die abruptly
32. move abruptly = rusz się nagle move abruptly
  • Just as he raised the glass to his 399 mouth again, the quiet was abruptly broken.
  • Her amusement was broken abruptly by a noise at the door, which had been left open.
  • She lashed out at the touch, and it broke abruptly.
  • After long minutes he broke abruptly away, saying, "Go into the bedroom.
  • The call was broken abruptly by someone shouting at her locked gates.
  • With the music, the soldiers abruptly break into choreographed dance moves.
  • He was in the middle of the lake when the quiet around him was abruptly broken.
  • They seem to break forth abruptly from their solitude and then slip away as quickly again.
  • The sound of the driver's voice broke into the silence and Cary's thoughts abruptly.
  • He abruptly breaks away at the realization of what he is doing.

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