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statement rzeczownik

rzeczownik + statement
Kolokacji: 56
mission statement • policy statement • witness statement • opening statement • impact statement • fashion statement • ...
statement + czasownik
Kolokacji: 162
statement suggests • statement makes • statement says • statement reads • statement calling • statement comes • ...
czasownik + statement
Kolokacji: 114
contain statements • take statements • repeat one's statement • accept one's statement • hear one's statement • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 31
3. repeat one's statement = powtarzać czyjś oświadczenie repeat one's statement
4. accept one's statement = akceptować czyjś oświadczenie accept one's statement
5. hear one's statement = słyszeć czyjś oświadczenie hear one's statement
6. support one's statement = wsparcie czyjś oświadczenie support one's statement
11. make a statement = składać oświadczenie, wydać oświadczenie, wydawać oświadczenie, składać zeznanie, udzielić wypowiedzi na temat czegoś (publicznie lub policji) make a statement
12. confirm one's statement = potwierdzać czyjś oświadczenie confirm one's statement
16. statement attributed = oświadczenie przypisało statement attributed
  • "He was given an opportunity to write a statement, and we let him."
  • I want you to write a brief statement of what you've told me.
  • Programming is a series of statements written in a specific language.
  • There she found a statement already written by the cleric in her name.
  • It is not unusual for religious organizations to take months or even years to write statements on social issues.
  • No one ever lost their job writing canned statements from a press release.
  • Her son had written a short statement, but he felt so intimidated that his sister read it for him.
  • These are only two of the five statements written by Euclid.
  • Kidnappers may write statements that later end up being true.
  • You must write perfectly logical statements in a language that the computer can understand.
22. respond to one's statement = odpowiadać czyjś oświadczenie respond to one's statement
23. statement is used = oświadczenie jest używane statement is used
26. visit Security statement = oświadczenie wizyty związane z bezpieczeństwem visit Security statement
28. see a statement = zobacz oświadczenie see a statement
29. send a statement = wyślij oświadczenie send a statement
30. statement distributed = oświadczenie rozdzieliło statement distributed
31. believe one's statement = wierzyć czyjś oświadczenie believe one's statement
przymiotnik + statement
Kolokacji: 366
public statement • financial statement • false statement • joint statement • official statement • political statement • brief statement • ...
przyimek + statement
Kolokacji: 25
despite statements • on one's statement • about one's statement • by one's statement • at one's statement • ...

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