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"spend" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

spend czasownik

spend + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 117
spend time • spend hours • spend money • spend millions • spend billions • spend thousands • spend Christmas • spend part • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 70
4. spend millions = wydaj miliony spend millions
  • He spent about $3 million in his primary campaign and plans to spend millions more for the general election.
  • Candidates who spend millions of their own money lose more often than they win.
  • And it has spent tens of millions in Washington to get its way.
  • And now, do you know what he is spending millions of your money on?
  • "The problem is just not there in a significant way, so why spend millions of dollars trying to study it?"
  • Each side had already spent millions to reach this point.
  • But the army spent millions to protect the people here.
  • "The important thing is, do you want to spend millions of dollars on the project?"
  • Both parties have spent millions of dollars in the state.
  • He added that the service had asked the federal government to spend millions of dollars on more such studies.
5. spend billions = wydaj miliardy spend billions
6. spend thousands = wydaj tysiące spend thousands
13. spend one's childhood = wydawać czyjś dzieciństwo spend one's childhood
14. spend a deal = wydaj umowę spend a deal
15. spend several percent = wydawać kilka procent spend several percent
17. spend the half = spędź połowę spend the half
18. spend one's youth = wydawać czyjś młodość spend one's youth
19. spend sums = wydaj sumy spend sums
21. spend hundreds = wydaj sto spend hundreds
22. spend effort = wydaj wysiłek spend effort
23. spend training = wydaj szkolenie spend training
24. spend eternity = wydaj wieczność spend eternity
25. spend one's honeymoon = spędź miesiąc miodowy spend one's honeymoon
29. spend an average = wydaj średnią spend an average
31. spend centuries = spędź wieki spend centuries
35. spend funds = wydaj fundusze spend funds
36. spend a lot = wydaj dużo spend a lot
40. spend the rest = wydaj resztę spend the rest
42. spend a total = wydaj sumę spend a total
45. spend a couple = wydaj parę spend a couple
46. money to spend = pieniądze wydać money to spend
51. spend several seconds = spędź kilka sekund spend several seconds
52. way to spend = sposób by wydać way to spend
54. spend one's way = wydawać czyjś droga spend one's way
56. spend the majority = wydaj większość spend the majority
57. spend the morning = spędź poranek spend the morning
58. time to spend = czas wydać time to spend
61. spend several games = wydaj kilka gier spend several games
62. spend the bulk = wydaj wielki rozmiar spend the bulk
63. place to spend = miejsce wydać place to spend
64. spend one's Eve = wydawać czyjś Ewa spend one's Eve
65. spend several cents = wydaj kilka centów spend several cents
66. spend a spell = spędź okres spend a spell
67. spend one's savings = wydawać czyjś oszczędności spend one's savings
68. spend a number = wydaj liczbę spend a number
69. spend one's cash = wydawać czyjś gotówka spend one's cash
70. spend Thanksgiving = wydaj Święto Dziękczynienia spend Thanksgiving
czasownik + spend
Kolokacji: 84
spend before moving • spend before returning • spend before joining • begin spending • start spending • plan to spend • prefer to spend • ...
spend + przyimek
Kolokacji: 62
spend out • spend on • spend outside • spent since • spend between • ...
spend + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 71
spend heavily • better spent • spend together • actually spend • well spent • spend long • once spend • later spend • spend alone • ...

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