"respect" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

respect rzeczownik

rzeczownik + respect
Kolokacji: 6
self respect • respect of one's peers • respect of borders • respect of one's colleagues • respect of one's players • ...
respect + czasownik
Kolokacji: 5
respect grows • respect comes • respect increases • respect accords • respect bordering
czasownik + respect
Kolokacji: 69
show respect • gain respect • command respect • deserve respect • lose respect • get respect • give respect • pay one's respects • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 23
  • And you of all men are the first to command my respect.
  • More than any woman he'd ever met, she commanded his respect.
  • "Not many men could command respect the way you obviously do."
  • He was a man of peace who made a difference to the world and commanded its respect.
  • He had not been a great success as coach and commanded little respect among the playing staff.
  • President Bush's first economic team never commanded financial markets' respect.
  • Tell that to the leaders around the world, from whom America commands respect.
  • What was the good of that if he could no longer command respect from his crew?
  • It seemed to command respect from them, unlike anything else.
  • New teachers don't have to remove their smile to command a class's respect!
10. demand respect = szacunek żądania demand respect
13. look with respect = popatrz z szacunkiem look with respect
14. promote respect = propaguj poszanowanie promote respect
15. accord respect = szacunek porozumienia accord respect
17. differ in respects = różnij się wyrazami uszanowania differ in respects
18. enjoy respect = ciesz się respektem enjoy respect
19. want respect = chciej szacunek want respect
20. receive respect = spotkaj się z szacunkiem receive respect
22. teach respect = naucz szacunku teach respect
23. demonstrate respect = wykaż poszanowanie demonstrate respect
przymiotnik + respect
Kolokacji: 72
great respect • due respect • mutual respect • grudging respect • deep respect • proper respect • certain respect • utmost respect • ...
przyimek + respect
Kolokacji: 17
with respect • of respect • for respect • on respect • to respect • ...

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