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realistic przymiotnik

realistic + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 127
realistic chance • realistic goal • realistic style • realistic way • realistic depiction • realistic view • realistic expectation • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 16
1. realistic chance = realistyczna szansa realistic chance
2. realistic style = realistyczny styl realistic style
3. realistic goal = realistyczny cel realistic goal
4. realistic way = realistyczna droga realistic way
5. realistic depiction = realistyczne przedstawienie realistic depiction
6. realistic view = realistyczny widok realistic view
7. realistic expectation = realistyczne oczekiwanie realistic expectation
8. realistic approach = realistyczne podejście realistic approach
  • I cannot make it into a realistic approach to life.
  • "This seems to me to be a more realistic approach," he added.
  • He urged the new administration to "take a more realistic approach to peace."
  • "This was the most realistic approach we could use, given the circumstances today."
  • The show's realistic approach to the problems of a 13-year-old girl also appealed to parents.
  • "He's got a real good realistic approach to the game," the manager said.
  • I'm happy to detect a much more realistic approach to relationships.
  • In my view, the agreement reached now has a much more realistic approach.
  • We should have, in this respect, a very realistic approach.
  • A more realistic approach to leadership may focus on the situation.
9. realistic portrayal = realistyczne przedstawienie realistic portrayal
10. realistic option = realistyczna opcja realistic option
11. realistic hope = realistyczna nadzieja realistic hope
12. realistic assessment = realistyczna ocena realistic assessment
13. realistic picture = realistyczny obraz realistic picture
14. realistic alternative = realistyczna alternatywa realistic alternative
15. realistic possibility = realistyczna możliwość realistic possibility
16. realistic detail = realistyczny szczegół realistic detail
czasownik + realistic
Kolokacji: 3
look realistic • sound realistic • become realistic
przysłówek + realistic
Kolokacji: 26
most realistic • highly realistic • extremely realistic • fairly realistic • brutally realistic • ...
realistic + przyimek
Kolokacji: 5
realistic about • realistic in • realistic for • realistic to • realistic with

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