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occasionally przysłówek

czasownik + occasionally
Kolokacji: 344
occasionally appear • stir occasionally • occasionally referred • occasionally perform • occasionally play • occasionally used • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 49
1. occasionally appear = od czasu do czasu pojawiaj się occasionally appear
2. stir occasionally = mieszaj od czasu do czasu stir occasionally
3. occasionally referred = od czasu do czasu odnosić się occasionally referred
5. occasionally used = od czasu do czasu używać occasionally used
8. occasionally found = od czasu do czasu zakładaj occasionally found
11. occasionally seen = od czasu do czasu zobaczony occasionally seen
12. occasionally visit = od czasu do czasu odwiedzaj occasionally visit
14. occasionally come = od czasu do czasu przychodź occasionally come
15. occasionally occur = od czasu do czasu następuj occasionally occur
16. occasionally called = od czasu do czasu dzwonić occasionally called
17. stop occasionally = zatrzymuj się od czasu do czasu stop occasionally
18. occasionally go = od czasu do czasu idź occasionally go
20. occasionally show = od czasu do czasu pokazuj occasionally show
21. turn occasionally = obracaj się od czasu do czasu turn occasionally
22. occasionally get = od czasu do czasu dostawaj occasionally get
23. occasionally break = od czasu do czasu rozbijaj occasionally break
24. happen occasionally = zdarzaj się od czasu do czasu happen occasionally
25. occasionally change = od czasu do czasu zmieniaj occasionally change
26. occasionally hear = od czasu do czasu słysz occasionally hear
  • The opinion section occasionally features commentary from local community leaders.
  • The show occasionally features guests and other experts which they interview on topics of interest.
  • However this can sometimes vary between shows as other, random characters are occasionally featured instead.
  • The show would occasionally feature a video of Ross with a baby squirrel or deer.
  • It occasionally featured Canadian musicians who were prominent at the time.
  • The show also occasionally featured performers from other parts of the world who sang or played Hawaiian music.
  • At present Quintana has withdrawn from the political front line although remains a member of the party and occasionally features in the daily press.
  • The show occasionally features additional guests, including politicians, celebrities, and sports figures.
  • He only occasionally features guests, but once in a while a politician or a fellow political commentator will appear on the show.
  • Some may occasionally feature a storyline stretching over several episodes.
29. occasionally glance = od czasu do czasu spojrzenie occasionally glance
31. occasionally join = od czasu do czasu dołączaj occasionally join
32. pause occasionally = pauza od czasu do czasu pause occasionally
33. occasionally meet = od czasu do czasu spotykaj occasionally meet
34. occasionally lead = od czasu do czasu prowadź occasionally lead
35. occasionally held = od czasu do czasu trzymać occasionally held
37. occasionally run = od czasu do czasu pobiec occasionally run
40. occasionally look = od czasu do czasu patrz occasionally look
42. occasionally act = od czasu do czasu działaj occasionally act
46. occasionally feel = od czasu do czasu czuj occasionally feel
48. occasionally sing = od czasu do czasu śpiewaj occasionally sing
49. occasionally send = od czasu do czasu wysyłaj occasionally send
occasionally + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 11
occasionally violent • occasionally brilliant • occasionally amusing • occasionally funny • occasionally fatal • ...

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