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"miss" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

miss czasownik

miss + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 124
miss practice • miss one's target • miss the match • miss one's flight • miss time • miss one's friends • miss a beat • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 47
3. miss time = zatęsknij za czasem miss time
  • His last season with Yomiuri saw him once again miss significant time.
  • He shouldn't miss much time, however, probably a maximum of two weeks.
  • What was not clear is how much time she would miss now.
  • How much time a child is missing from school because of throat infections.
  • It took a turn for the worse recently, but there is no way I'm going to miss time.
  • But we don't want to see our students missing time in class.
  • This did not last long, as Goldberg would again be lost to injury and miss time.
  • He left the game, and missed significant time during the 2009 season.
  • Under these circumstances even a good shot might miss first time as this man missed.
  • Bell is expected to learn today whether he will miss time for also going after Martinez.
5. miss one's flight = opuszczać czyjś lot miss one's flight
6. miss one's friends = opuszczać czyjś przyjaciele miss one's friends
9. miss a beat = nie dosłysz stukot miss a beat
10. miss one's head = opuszczać czyjś głowa miss one's head
11. miss the playoffs = opuszczać playoffs miss the playoffs
12. miss a putt = opuść odbicie piłki po ziemi miss a putt
13. miss several weeks = zatęsknij za kilkoma tygodniami miss several weeks
14. miss one's family = opuszczać czyjś rodzina miss one's family
15. miss work = opuść pracę miss work
16. miss the cut = opuść cięcie miss the cut
18. miss several days = zatęsknij za kilkoma dniami miss several days
20. miss the boat = stracić okazję, przegapić okazję miss the boat
21. miss one's guess = opuszczać czyjś przypuszczenie miss one's guess
22. miss the point = nie zrozumieć o co chodzi miss the point
25. miss the mark = nie trafić, nie zdołać osiągnąć czegoś miss the mark
26. miss several months = zatęsknij za kilkoma miesiącami miss several months
27. miss classes = opuść zajęcia miss classes
28. miss a dose = opuść dawkę miss a dose
29. miss a lot = opuść dużo miss a lot
30. miss the rest = chyb reszty miss the rest
32. miss the start = zatęsknij za początkiem miss the start
33. miss a thing = przegapić coś, przeoczyć coś miss a thing
35. miss a penalty = nie strzel karnego miss a penalty
36. miss school = opuść szkołę miss school
38. miss one's presence = opuszczać czyjś obecność miss one's presence
39. miss connections = nie zdąż na związki miss connections
41. miss any visits = opuść jakiekolwiek wizyty miss any visits
42. miss the train = spóźnij się na pociąg miss the train
43. miss a step = opuść krok miss a step
44. miss the half = zatęsknij za połową miss the half
45. miss one's mother = opuszczać czyjś matka miss one's mother
46. miss one's eye = opuszczać czyjś oko miss one's eye
47. miss one's father = opuszczać czyjś ojciec miss one's father
czasownik + miss
Kolokacji: 27
reported missing • go missing • cause to miss • want to miss • go to miss • find missing • expected to miss • seem to miss • ...
miss + przyimek
Kolokacji: 45
miss out • miss since • miss from • miss during • miss by • ...
miss + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 56
narrowly miss • sorely missed • greatly missed • barely miss • completely miss • deeply missed • ...

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