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genetic przymiotnik

genetic + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 236
genetic material • genetic engineering • genetic disorder • genetic code • genetic study • genetic mutation • genetic information • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 51
4. genetic code = kod genetyczny genetic code
7. genetic disease = choroba genetyczna genetic disease
9. genetic factor = genetyczny czynnik genetic factor
10. genetic diversity = różnorodność genetyczna genetic diversity
16. genetic makeup = genetyczny makeup genetic makeup
17. genetic defect = wada genetyczna genetic defect
20. genetic marker = marker genetyczny genetic marker
21. genetic change = genetyczna zmiana genetic change
23. genetic basis = genetyczna podstawa genetic basis
24. genetic condition = genetyczny warunek genetic condition
26. genetic trait = cecha genetyczna genetic trait
27. genetic component = genetyczny składnik genetic component
28. genetic drift = dryf genetyczny, dryft alleli, zjawisko Wrighta genetic drift
  • This could happen by genetic drift if the population is small enough.
  • Genetic drift is the name given to this loss of variation.
  • The strength of genetic drift depends on the population size.
  • Most are caused by a random process known as genetic drift and have little effect.
  • The point is, you don't get that high numbers by genetic drift alone.
  • Clearly we're talking about quite a large ship, with a population in the hundreds at least: high enough to prevent genetic drift.
  • Through genetic drift, such traits may become less common or disappear.
  • One such is the role of genetic drift in speciation.
  • His claim may be authentic given the principle of genetic drift.
  • The random spread of genes is known as genetic drift.
31. genetic structure = genetyczna struktura genetic structure
32. genetic data = genetyczne dane genetic data
34. genetic cause = genetyczny powód genetic cause
35. genetic relationship = pokrewieństwo genetyczne genetic relationship
36. genetic abnormality = nieprawidłowość genetyczna genetic abnormality
37. genetic link = genetyczne połączenie genetic link
38. genetic technique = genetyczna metoda genetic technique
39. genetic experiment = genetyczny eksperyment genetic experiment
40. genetic background = genetyczne tło genetic background
41. genetic sequence = genetyczny ciąg genetic sequence
42. genetic heritage = genetyczny spadek genetic heritage
43. genetic inheritance = genetyczny spadek genetic inheritance
45. genetic variability = zmienność genetyczna genetic variability
48. genetic influence = genetyczny wpływ genetic influence
49. genetic similarity = genetyczne podobieństwo genetic similarity
50. genetic resource = genetyczny zasób genetic resource
51. genetic damage = genetyczne uszkodzenie genetic damage

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