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far przysłówek

czasownik + far
Kolokacji: 597
go further • far removed • move further • extend far • fall further • far exceed • further develop • travel far • further reduce • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
1. go further = pójść dalej (zachować się bardziej ekstremalnie) go further
6. far exceed = daleko przekraczać far exceed
11. comment further = wypowiedz się dalej comment further
16. far outweigh = daleko przeważać far outweigh
20. further argue = ponadto posprzeczaj się further argue
24. far surpass = daleko przewyższać far surpass
28. far outnumber = daleko przewyższać liczebnie far outnumber
29. lag far = zostawaj w tyle daleko lag far
31. far outstrip = daleko dystansować far outstrip
32. further damage = dalsze uszkodzenie further damage
33. further note = dalsza notatka further note
40. seem far = wydawaj się daleko seem far
48. lean far = oprzyj się daleko lean far
51. run far = pobiegnij daleko run far
54. further add = ponadto dodaj further add
55. work further = pracuj dalej work further
57. help further = pomóż dalej help further
58. read further = przeczytaj dalej read further
61. further claim = dalsze twierdzenie further claim
62. think further = pomyśl dalej think further
63. further say = ponadto powiedz further say
64. speak further = mów dalej speak further
71. elaborate further = opracuj w szczegółach dalej elaborate further
72. venture further = śmiałe przedsięwzięcie dalszy venture further
73. lie far = skłam daleko lie far
75. further delay = dalsze opóźnienie further delay
76. stay far = zostań daleko stay far
78. further write = ponadto napisz further write
81. further hold = dalszy uścisk further hold
83. further erode = ponadto zniszcz w procesie erozji further erode
90. remain far = pozostań daleko remain far
  • Over the years they drifted further away from their families and communities.
  • He drifted further, and did not trouble to fight the drugs.
  • If anything, he's a little worse each year, drifting further away from the world, and me.
  • However, his mind was far away from the images drifting across the movie screen.
  • "As the years went by, their friendship drifted even further."
  • But the island has been drifting further away from mainland control with its democratic development over the past 15 years.
  • After a long wait, it drifted further off into the leaves, and was lost to sight.
  • Earth will drift still farther from the Sun, to a distance of 172 million miles.
  • But once he lost the ability to perform, did his thoughts drift even further away from problems of performance?
  • If he were alive, he'd have drifted far out of where we're able to patrol by now anyway.
94. so far refused = do tej pory odmówić so far refused
95. so far failed = do tej pory doznać niepowodzenia so far failed
96. keep far = trzymaj daleko keep far
97. talk further = rozmawiaj dalej talk further
100. ride far = pojedź daleko ride far
far + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 133
far worse • far better • far short • far superior • far easier • far greater • far distant • far lower • far larger • far higher • far wider • ...

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