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explore czasownik

explore + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 180
explore ways • explore themes • explore issues • explore options • explore aspects • explore videos • explore opportunities • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 51
1. explore ways = zbadaj sposoby explore ways
2. explore themes = zgłębiaj tematy explore themes
3. explore issues = zgłęb kwestie explore issues
6. explore videos = zbadaj wideo explore videos
8. explore media = zbadaj środki explore media
  • Then, you can explore how (or if) new media can help you meet those needs.
  • While Taylor was exploring art and new media, he extended his experiments with technology in the classroom.
  • With remarkable facility, he explored new media like film, dance and opera.
  • Location One is host to artists from overseas who want to explore new electronic media.
  • His creative works and published writing explore public art and media.
  • In 1966 he moved to Milan and decided to explore other media, turning to painting, oil and acrylic.
  • The students also explore emerging models of communications and new media linked to the internet.
  • The artist, who is in his early 20's, has already explored several media to intriguing effect.
  • In addition to stained glass, Spahn continues to explore new media and techniques with his painting.
  • Sparked by her newfound approach to painting, in the mid-1990s Bull began to explore other media.
9. explore mobility = zbadaj mobilność explore mobility
11. explore one's FDA Center = badać czyjś Centrum FDA explore one's FDA Center
12. explore mirror neurons = zbadaj komórki nerwowe lustra explore mirror neurons
13. explore zombies = zgłęb zombich explore zombies
15. explore news = badać wiadomości explore news
16. explore alternatives = zgłęb alternatywy explore alternatives
19. explore space = zbadaj przestrzeń explore space
20. explore places = zbadaj miejsca explore places
21. explore parts = zbadaj części explore parts
22. explore topics = zbadaj tematy explore topics
23. explore music = zgłęb muzykę explore music
27. explore subjects = zgłęb tematy explore subjects
28. explore differences = zbadaj różnice explore differences
30. explore avenues = zbadaj aleje explore avenues
31. explore sites = zbadaj miejsca explore sites
38. time to explore = czas badać time to explore
39. explore art = zbadaj sztukę explore art
41. explore a range = zbadaj pasmo explore a range
43. explore the use = zbadaj wykorzystanie explore the use
48. explore incidents = zbadaj incydenty explore incidents
49. explore the coast = zbadaj wybrzeże explore the coast
czasownik + explore
Kolokacji: 24
begin exploring • begin to explore • continue to explore • start exploring • want to explore • use to explore • allow to explore • ...
explore + przyimek
Kolokacji: 36
explore through • explore by • explore in • explore with • explore for • ...
explore + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 36
further explore • fully explored • thoroughly explored • extensively explored • actively explore • ...

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