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especially przysłówek

czasownik + especially
Kolokacji: 123
especially given • especially like • especially designed • especially noted • make especially • especially known • used especially • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 28
1. especially given = szczególnie dany especially given
2. especially like = szczególnie lubić especially like
3. especially designed = szczególnie zaprojektować especially designed
4. especially noted = szczególnie zauważyć especially noted
9. especially suited = szczególnie odpowiadać especially suited
  • Her lessons focused especially on the development of the student's own style.
  • It is especially focused on economic concerns of local businesses.
  • The group is especially focused on educating the world about Africa.
  • The resource is focused especially upon the great range of fine arts and things related to them.
  • After a period in academic research, he became an environmental consultant, focusing especially on water quality.
  • Extending this analogy means we should focus especially on more powerful states.
  • Brands in the Ford family have been especially focused on this effort.
  • All stores are focused on customer service especially through the image of their employees.
  • Up to now the Union has focused especially on creating an economic area in which freedom of movement and common rules apply.
  • You might focus especially on any traumas of your childhood.
12. especially regard = szczególnie weź pod uwagę especially regard
14. especially want = szczególnie chciej especially want
15. especially love = szczególnie miłość especially love
16. especially appeal = szczególnie apel especially appeal
17. especially come = szczególnie przyjdź especially come
20. especially associated = szczególnie powiązać especially associated
21. seen especially = zobaczony specjalnie seen especially
22. look especially = popatrz specjalnie look especially
25. work especially = pracuj specjalnie work especially
26. especially need = szczególnie potrzebuj especially need
especially + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 247
especially important • especially true • especially useful • especially vulnerable • especially notable • especially interested • ...

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