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elegant przymiotnik

elegant + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 212
elegant room • elegant restaurant • elegant woman • elegant building • elegant style • elegant house • elegant solution • elegant hotel • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 17
2. elegant restaurant = elegancka restauracja elegant restaurant
  • A more elegant restaurant, called Venus, is to open next week on the second floor.
  • About a decade ago, new, more elegant restaurants arrived on the scene.
  • Indeed, everyone at the table was dressed as if they were at an elegant restaurant.
  • She'd made reservations at the most elegant restaurant in town.
  • This elegant restaurant, which opened in 1937 and seats about 100, is his design.
  • The hotel has an elegant restaurant and a heated pool.
  • At Quebec's most elegant restaurants, dinner for two will rarely go above $120 with wine.
  • Just outside the town walls, this elegant restaurant is one of the best in Obidos.
  • We went to a few elegant restaurants in Feb '08.
  • Not so with the valet at an elegant suburban restaurant.
3. elegant woman = elegancka kobieta elegant woman
4. elegant building = elegancki budynek elegant building
5. elegant style = wytworny styl elegant style
6. elegant house = elegancki dom elegant house
7. elegant solution = zgrabne rozwiązanie elegant solution
9. elegant man = elegancki człowiek elegant man
10. elegant design = zgrabnie napisany projekt elegant design
11. elegant way = elegancka droga elegant way
12. elegant home = elegancki dom elegant home
14. elegant mansion = elegancka rezydencja elegant mansion
15. elegant form = zgrabnie napisany formularz elegant form
16. elegant figure = elegancka figura elegant figure
17. elegant line = elegancka linia elegant line
przysłówek + elegant
Kolokacji: 20
most elegant • extremely elegant • quietly elegant • particularly elegant • casually elegant • ...
elegant + przyimek
Kolokacji: 3
elegant in • elegant with • elegant of

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