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"breeding" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

breeding rzeczownik

rzeczownik + breeding
Kolokacji: 11
horse breeding • animal breeding • plant breeding • livestock breeding • dog breeding • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 3
(1) horse, sheep, pig, poultry
Kolokacji: 4
(3) plant, fish, crop
Kolokacji: 3
2. fish breeding = hodowla rybna fish breeding
3. crop breeding = uprawa hodowla crop breeding
  • The farm's 50th anniversary was celebrated July 7, 2005, with a review at 100 years of crop breeding at WSU that started with Spillman.
  • Shull's discovery led to increased corn production and to a revolution in crop breeding.
  • If they could, some scientists say, it would greatly simplify crop breeding.
  • Supporters of the effort say the free exchange of seeds and technology that once aided crop breeding is impeded by patents held not only by companies but also by universities.
  • The ability to predict genes of interest for crop breeding is a major advantage to the further domestication of crop species that is facilitated by genomics and the identification of genes and extragenic sequences that control for these desirable traits.
  • Other, more familiar genetic techniques include crop breeding and the exposure of cells to radiation or to chemicals that induce random genetic changes.
  • His fellow students were bound for careers in crop breeding, but Valin had other ideas.
  • Founded in 1946 as a branch of the Institute of Botany, the Institute specialises in crop breeding, plant physiology, genetics and cellular engineering.
  • In crop breeding, although the use of heterosis in first-generation seeds (or F1) is well known, its application in rice was limited because of the self-pollination character of that crop.
breeding + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 43
breeding ground • breeding program • breeding season • breeding pair • breeding colony • ...
przymiotnik + breeding
Kolokacji: 11
selective breeding • good breeding • captive breeding • successful breeding • careful breeding • ...
przyimek + breeding
Kolokacji: 10
of breeding • in breeding • for breeding • to breeding • through breeding • ...

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