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appearance rzeczownik

rzeczownik + appearance
Kolokacji: 78
guest appearance • cameo appearance • television appearance • court appearance • TV appearance • plate appearance • ...
appearance + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 5
appearance fee • appearance change • appearance money • appearance package • appearance record
appearance + czasownik
Kolokacji: 75
appearance includes • appearance follows • appearance makes • appearance comes • appearance deceives • appearance changes • ...
czasownik + appearance
Kolokacji: 96
include appearances • feature guest appearances • score in several appearances • change one's appearance • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 29
  • The television show Lost had featured appearances of the book.
  • The final show featured appearances by nearly every member who had ever played in the band.
  • The show featured appearances of many stars with whom White has worked over the years.
  • Each story featured one star and often brief appearances of the others.
  • The show featured live events and appearances from local sports stars.
  • It also features appearances by several past and present college football coaches playing themselves.
  • The show would often feature an appearance from a celebrity guest and/or a live music performance.
  • It features the last appearance of Roy, who is killed in this episode.
  • It also featured an appearance from Mimic who never appeared on the show.
  • The series featured the first appearance of family member Gracie, who had been mentioned before.
10. restore to one's appearance = przywracać czyjś wygląd restore to one's appearance
12. keep up appearances = zachowywać pozory keep up appearances
18. use one's appearance = używać czyjś wygląd use one's appearance
19. manage several appearances = zarządzaj kilkoma pozorami manage several appearances
22. present an appearance = nieś ze sobą pojawienie się present an appearance
23. enhance one's appearance = zwiększać czyjś wygląd enhance one's appearance
27. base on one's appearance = podstawa na czyjś wygląd base on one's appearance
28. retain one's appearance = zachowywać czyjś wygląd retain one's appearance
29. explain one's appearance = wyjaśniać czyjś wygląd explain one's appearance
przymiotnik + appearance
Kolokacji: 363
final appearance • public appearance • brief appearance • physical appearance • sudden appearance • personal appearance • ...
przyimek + appearance
Kolokacji: 31
between appearances • in appearance • including appearances • of one's appearance • for one's appearance • ...

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