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"summary" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

summary rzeczownik

rzeczownik + summary
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summary + rzeczownik
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częste kolokacje
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1. summary judgment = wyrok w postępowaniu uproszczonym summary judgment
  • Another child was due to be born just days after the family's summary execution in 1944.
  • One died by summary execution, and in his case few people, if any, were sorry.
  • Summary executions during that period, we are told, total 320.
  • The Organization's response to a white woman who had a black man as a lover is summary execution.
  • The third would be a series of summary executions, starting with Morgan and working down.
  • "Nothing in this country serves better your military man who has changed sides than a few summary executions."
  • The results were fairly similar to 1967: two summary executions and one piece of major surgery.
  • The old order is restored through the use of extreme force, including summary executions.
  • Not with an order for summary execution on one's.
  • In recent days, several former officers on both sides have given interviews saying they saw summary executions or heard of them.
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